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[Comments] (2) : Now I know why parents try to embarrass their kids when they hit puberty. It is to pay them back for all the embarrassment they caused them when they were little. For example, while visiting teaching this morning Lily, without provocation, kept hitting and pulling the other mother's 10 month old baby. I mean I can see why she would want to hit at that age if he stole her toy, but he was just sitting there.

First of all, I don't like being put in a situation when I have to discipline Lily in front of people. Secondly, it makes me look like a bad mother knowing there are people out there thinking 'there goes that bratty kid that hits...when I have kids, mine will never do that'. If only those people knew, but still now I think to myself instead, 'I'm glad my kid doesn't behave like that', so the syndrome never goes completely away.

Next embarrassing thing: going to lunch with my mom and sister. In between Lily taking her shirt off and screaming bloody murder if I try to put it back on to spilling her water all over the floor because she wants to be a big girl and hold the cup and take off the top to play with the ice to coloring on the table cloth to opening the sugar packet and dumping it all over the table and ground. I was in such a rush to get out of there that I forgot the extra pasta I saved for Aaron to eat for dinner.

Then at the store, Lily has to see what I am looking at so she takes a glass pumpkin away from me and drops it, breaking it to pieces. She also makes me open things such as her tooth brush before I have a chance to pay for it.

All I can say is when she is in high school, its payback time.


Posted by Hailey at Fri Aug 18 2006 09:34

Ethan shattered a giant snow globe in Target last year. Thankfully, some nice guy who worked there came right up and mopped it up and wouldn't hear of me paying for it. But very embarassing!

Posted by Joe Walch at Fri Aug 18 2006 11:57

We have some very good parents who we know, and their kids always have to duke it out whenever they see each other. I think it is a "your my size, and just to make sure..." thing with toddlers. Kinda like when they keep dropping things from their high chair just to watch it fall. We are all little physicist deep down.

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