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[Comments] (2) Happy Windsday: Today is going to be a good day. Aaron has today "off". He still had to go to school to study for tomorrow's test, but he did wake up and give me a smile like he was up to something and went in the kitchen and started to make me breakfast. I love hot breakfasts. I try to drag him to IHOP at least every other month on a laid back Sat morning because I love their pancakes. It's the whole carb thing. I love bread.

Lily ate half a waffle. I put syrup and cool whip on it and told her it was cake and she started scarfing it down. She also loves bacon. She is getting good at saying "more_____, please". Asking for more and the thing she wants more of and then saying please. We usually have to remind her to say please, but she is getting better at it. When I get whatever it is she wants to her she does say "tank you" usually and then followed by a "ah-welcome, mama". I guess I am too slow to say you're welcome so she feels like she needs to finish the exchange, apparently.

Another good thing about today is that Lost is on tonight. The season premier has opened up so many questions. I would rather be watching it on DVD so I don't have to wait every week, but I also don't want to wait a year so I can watch them all back-to-back. Aaron also has a football game tonight. We shall see if I go with Lily since it rained yesterday and it might be muddy. Mud + chasing a hyper, very social 2 year old does not equal fun for a fat 7 month pregnant person. His team won the championship last year and so far they are doing pretty well. One of his professors is sponsoring their team and bought them all matching custom designed (by Aaron) orange t-shirts.

I put all my Halloween decorations up about a week ago. I don't have many but it is fun to see them all and get in the spirit of the season. Lily loves carrying my pumpkins around. These pumpkins are ceramic and I am running out of high places to put breakable things so she can't ruin all the stuff. She likes to carry around a mini real pumpkin that I bought for Aaron to make pumpkin pie out of. He likes to do it from scratch. She also loves to tote around a trick-or-treat pumpkin and put all her toys in it. She calls it "Wilwee's pumpkin" and the ceramic ones "Mama's pumpkin" because she knows she isn't supposed to touch them even though she does.

My goals today are to clean up the kitchen mess and mop the floor and get Lily’s toys organized and do some laundry.


Posted by Alyson at Wed Oct 11 2006 22:11

Woah, woah, too many goals. Take it easy. No wonder I couldn't reach you by phone today!

Posted by Kristen at Thu Oct 12 2006 08:46

Well I didn't get to the laundry because after I mopped (which includes scraping food particles off the tile bent over) and stood over a sink, I was wiped. I pretty much cleaned the family room by shuffling Lily's toys back into her corner like a soccer ball, and picking up trash and other objects with my toes.

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