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[Comments] (2) Fortune telling: I was walking in the store yesterday and was stopped by this lady asking me when I was due and if I knew what I was having. While I am not stopped everyday by strangers, it does happen sometimes and I usually smile and fake laugh. I don't mind it, but it doesn't boost my self esteem either. Yesterday was different. This tiny little mid-thirties Mexican woman kept staring at my bump and was asking me these questions and then all the sudden she said, "Go to a Mexican restaurant, full moon...the day before or the day after and you will have your baby the next day." Umm, ok.

I have heard when I was pregnant with Lily the 'eat something spicy and the next day, or eat a lot of garlic and the next day'. Trust me, when the girl was 2 days late I had tried everything anyone suggested except drink castor oil. Those things don't work. If they did, then I would have had Lily 10 days early.

This lady though kinda freaked me out. She started to say something in Spanish and then translated it to "kicks like a horse". She enlightened me that boys come with very painful deliveries (as if girls were a piece of cake comparatively) and that I in particular was going to have a very hard painful delivery. She was saying this while looking at my bump and it almost seemed like she was in a trance or something because one of her eyes was halfway closed. Little does she know I don't plan on feeling a thing with the cocktail I am ordering. She then went on to tell me that I was going to make it through it, just make sure that I keep on my feet and walking till the end. Shoot, just when I was about to put in an order for an electric wheelchair.

Anyway, it was a rather weird experience and the sad thing is if I get to the point where this one is looking like he wants to be late, I will be looking up when the next full moon is going to be and weighing between which Mexican restaurant I am most in the mood for.


Posted by Joe Walch at Thu Oct 19 2006 17:57

Looks like you got a latina cleric. I've heard if you put a fork under your bed then you will have a boy. Wonder if Lily slipped a fork under your bed.

Posted by Jenni at Thu Oct 19 2006 23:34

What a strange lady! To just start telling you all that out of no where...odd!!!

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