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Transformations: I can not believe how much Lily is learning this past month maybe 2 months. I can see her getting more and more 2 yr oldish by the day. The sentences she puts together have more words now and make sense. She is such a vibrant spunky girl and if you have seen her piggy tails you would say they match her personality.

Apparently I say "oh my gosh" a lot because for the past couple weeks Lily has been going around saying "OH-MY-GOSH!" anytime something goes wrong or falls or anything. It really is funny to hear her say adult-like things in her little 2 yr old voice with her own fluctuations. She loves Mickey Mouse now, and any mouse she will call Mickey Mouse.

She has a habit of bossing characters in her books around. While I am reading to her if she sees something in a book that doesn't look right, she will tell it so. She has a book about how rainbows are made and each color has an animal etc. Well, the red ladybug was standing on the tail of the orange fox, and every time she sees that picture she says, "no bug, naughty, get down" I guess because she thinks the ladybug is being mean for standing on the fox's tail.

In Green Eggs and Ham there is a picture of a "Mickey Mouse" and she tells the mouse to get off the stool I guess because she thinks mice aren't allowed to sit on furniture. And when she sees a picture of someone that has their eyes closed, she always says that they are sleeping even if their eyes are shut because they are laughing or in the case of Lion King when Mufasa died. At first she thought he was sleeping and then I told her he died, and now she says “died” when she sees him. In the Lion King book, there is also a part when Nala and Simba reunite and Nala has Simba pinned. Lily tells the book, “naughty lion, get down” because it is not nice to pin another lion to the ground.

Sometimes Lily will suggest a "walk to get the mail". She knows when she get to the street that she has to hold my hand. She will say "remember the rule" because the rule is she has to hold my hand when we go in the street and she is not allowed to go there alone...So she is mildly obedient in some respects.

The other day we were in a parking lot and she saw some little boys a bit older than her. She said "look mama, friends". Just some random kids walking along. She wouldn't walk further until the boys met up with us, but then they just kept walking. I hoped it didn't hurt her feelings that her "friends" didn't seem to be interested in her and that it would squash her openness and friendliness towards children. She loves playing with kids, and today we were at one of her older friend’s house that was 5. She just laughed and played. This girl has a bike with training wheels and Lily fearlessly, with a little bit of help from her friend, climbed up on the bike and was trying to ride it. I couldn't believe at how brave and ambitious she was. She wasn't scared at all even after she was getting pushed on the bike by her friend and it gently tipped over.

Lily has such a zest for life but sometimes it is channeled in the wrong places. She got taken to me from nursery today at church because she kept pulling girls’ hair. I am not surprised, I am well aware of this flaw. The nursery leader said she would pull out chunks of hair, which was usual each Sunday but not as much as today. I too have seen her with strands of hair in her clenched fists. This is why she plays better with boys...they don't have hair she can pull. Anyway, we had to do "what it is we do" when this happens. She thought maybe we could get her to stop. Trust me, with a baby on the way, if I knew how to get her to stop pulling hair I would. Any advice is welcomed.

She is getting very much into her babies. And purses. Maybe she won't be a tom boy after all. Lately, I have been buying some baby chew toys for Gunnar and have gotten some as gifts, and I try to put them up so Lily doesn't get them nasty yet, and so she won't think they are hers when Gunnar comes, but somehow she always finds them and gets into them. I have two Baby Einstein turtles but they do different things and one is bigger than the other. She loves to have them together and call them the baby Lily and the Mama. I told her today that the turtles were Gunnar's toys and that she was going to have to share with Gunnar. She looked at me like 'what? how dare you' and firmly said "mmmINE!". She is in for a big surprise.

Lily has also been finding the spare binki here and there and refusing to give them back. She loves chewing/sucking on the binkis even though she wouldn't bother with them when she was born. Now she wants to have them in her mouth and steal her cousins' binkis whenever she sees them. I am afraid I don't want to play that game and so I think I am just not going to even offer Gunnar a binki. Maybe it is better that way I won't have to wean him off of one. Lily looks so dang cute though with one in her mouth, I don't know why. Maybe it is because she is getting so big and it makes her look babyish and part of me just wants her to stay little forever. Sometimes when she is in a snuggly mood she will come to me and say “rock-a-baby” and I will pick her up and hold her in a cradle position and sing rock-a-bye baby and then you are my sunshine. She really likes this, and so do I because even though she is so fearless and independent, she still really loves for me to hold her and give lots of hugs and kisses.

Right now the thought of having a boy instead of a girl is so foreign to me I just can't wrap my brain around it. I don't know why, it just doesn't seem possible for me to know what I am going to do with a boy. I remember feeling that with Lily but just with babies in general so hopefully after I meet Gunnar in ten minutes I won't remember what life was like before he was born.

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