Sunny 9 for 2006 December 12 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) D-day: Today was supposed to be the day. My little one is now 11 days old. Time has gone by quick, and I can't imagine how miserable I would be if I had to wait all this time to meet my Gunnar. He is such a sweet boy, and to be honest I was scared to have a boy because I wasn't sure I could love Gunnar as much as I love Lily. That also has to do with just having another child in general not just the gender, but it is true I was scared to have a boy because it was uncharted territory. Gunnar is so laid back that he has not cried once when Lily has scratched his face or pulled his hair or landed a little bit on him.

Poor Lily has been sick with the croup sp? and the medicine that the Dr prescribed her made her incredibly hyper. Pretty much unbearable today. She was very destructive trowing toys of the shelves just for the heck of it. Good thing my mother in law is here to help otherwise I am afraid someone might have gotten a dose of spankings today. Poor thing. She is going through a rough time right now. I can't wait for Friday when Aaron can stay at home and share in the fun.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Dec 17 2006 21:23

I just noticed that this was posted 5 minutes into the 12th but I was really due the 11th. I wonder why it posted later than I published it.

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