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[Comments] (9) My better half: Aaron and I have been doing things lately that really make me appreciate having a husband. It seriously is so awesome to not have to dig 5 holes in our rock hard ground to plant trees. That task would seriously give me blisters. And when we were doing finishing touches on the crown molding, Aaron got the least desirable task because he was taller than me and could reach better. Not to mention mowing the lawn...hey, I would if I could pull the string thingy hard enough to actually start the lawnmower. And the best part is I never have to assemble or install anything because Aaron is so good at reading instructions and getting it done. I love it. Things just magically happen and appear. It is like whaala. I leave the house and come home and it is done. Or done in 7 hours in some cases (when Aaron cut a hole in the garage ceiling and installed an attic ladder). Even if it takes a long time in some instances, it is still very nice to have a handyman around.


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