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[Comments] (3) Happy Easter: Yesterday, we went to the Lunt's for Lily's first Easter Egg Hunt. She was able to find about 4 eggs with our help and opened them right away and began eating jelly beans. She loved all the candy that day. She walked around with that egg in her hand and kept on eating.

She had lots of fun playing on their play set with all the kids. We also found out she has no fear of the water because she walked right up to the pool and plopped right in. Didn't even slow down. Luckily Aaron and I were watching her, and Aaron was in after her immediately...LUCKILY! She was a little shaken up, just hugging Aaron and laying her head on his shoulder. Aaron's phone is ruined with water all in it.

Hopefully she won't pull that again, but with how curious a child Lily is, I bet she will. She "explores" everything, and is becoming quite the tomboy loving the outdoors and getting all muddy in the dirt. She would live outside if we let her. She is tough as nails, and the nursery leaders all say so. They say she is the smallest, but is the toughest sometimes falling or getting pushed down, but never crying.


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