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[Comments] (3) Nice gesture: You know when someone flashes their lights at you when they are passing? Well, it means you are either driving in the dark without lights or it means that someone is warning you that there is a cop out for the kill just ahead. Someone flashed their lights today to warn me about a cop hiding. I just thought it was really nice of them to do that. I wasn't really speeding, but I have been the victim of shoddy police work lately and I got a ticket when I wasn’t even speeding; so you can never be too careful.

[Comments] (1) Worst morning: This morning I woke up to not one but two smoke detectors going off...at 5:00AM. One of which was in Lily's room. It turns out the batteries were low, but why did it have to be 5:00AM? So Lily came in our bed to lie down and sleep because Aaron brought her in. She laid there quietly for about an hour, then she started fully waking up. She was reaching in the dark feeling my face and my arms eventually getting brave enough to start walking around on the bed, stepping on my legs. I know she is only 20lbs, but it still hurt.

Then she gets out of bed...great. First I hear this pop pop poppoppoppop. She found her little popping push toy in the dark. Nice, hopefully she will be fine just playing while I try to rest. Then I realized the gate in the kitchen wasn't up because we take it down when she goes to bed. So next thing I hear is Lily rummaging around the pantry, and I hoped she was not in the trash eating something that could make her sick. She came back into the room with a granola bar and a package of peanut butter crackers, which I know she doesn't like a lot. She only eats the peanut butter off the cracker, but won't touch a peanut butter sandwich. Won't even taste it. Strange.

So I open the granola bar for her and she gets down and eats it in the living room, but saves enough to throw on my bed and get stickiness on it. By this time Aaron's alarm goes off and he puts her in her high chair with breakfast. By now I have been awake since 5:00AM because once I am awake lately I can't get back to sleep. That is why I take half a Unisom, but I don't want to get addicted to a sleep aid so I take one every other night. I didn't take it to say the least last night. So I am fully awake and starving yet queasy and I knew if I didn't get up and eat then, the whole day I would be sick.

The one good thing about this ordeal was that I was able to go on my walk at 8:00 and it was comfortable, instead of later and dying from the heat. Did I mention it is already in the high 90's every day now? Geez, some Spring.

Tomorrow I am off to Utah with Ben, Lorna, Amanda, and Lily for Frances' funeral. It turns out we are able to go even though we will only have one day really there. Fingers crossed that Lily is good in the car for 4 days straight practically, and that I don't miss Aaron too much.


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