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[Comments] (3) Sisters: I am so glad I have sisters. Otherwise, I would have the same old clothes. After going through Julie's D.I. pile I left with a suitcase that was literally 50 lbs of clothes. Granted I had clothes from when I came to Utah, but still. I went through and picked out about a 1/3 of what Julie was throwing out. I don't know what I would do without the shop of Julie, Michelle, and Lorna hand-me-downs.

[Comments] (5) Vacation--I think: I am glad I got to make Aunt Frances's (with an apostrophe s, as directed by whatever source it was Dave Matkin found proving Ben right that you do write it how you say it) funeral. Otherwise, I would have regretted it the rest of my life. Ben Taylor was very kind, and made sure I was comfortable the whole drive up to Utah. Lily did fine, she could have been a lot grumpier, so I am glad we survived.

Lucky for me, however, Ben insisted that he fly Lily and me back to TX. Maybe he didn't remember well enough just how much "fun" (my euphemism for just like a shotgun blow to the head) it is to travel with kids. Lily did act weird the whole trip, not really talking as much as she did and she was too shy to do her song and dance for everyone on demand, and she didn't stray to far away from me. She still is acting a little clingy.

I got to stay with Dad when I got there, and it was way fun because everyone stayed there the first night practically. A big slumber party. Dad had just gotten back from China from a business trip, and he gave the kids DVD's he had gotten for a dollar each. I got 25 of them and some of the movies I have aren't even on video. Hopefully they all work. I also had my fix of Cafe Rio first thing we got there in case the chance didn't come up again. The fajita chicken salad is something I wish I had here especially for my pregnancy.

The funeral was too good for words. Booner watched Lily graciously and met us at the burial then back to the church for lunch. Afterward, most everyone went to SLC to see Uncle Jon's banjo that is displayed in the Church History Museum for winning the best something award, but I was so exhausted I had to stay and take a nap. I had a relaxing night at Dad's with Alyson, Dave, and the boys, Michelle, Dad, Jan, and of course Winger's. The other thing I wanted to eat while in Utah. Winger's salad and wings. If you have never been pregnant, you have to realize a pregnant women's world revolves around food. In the mornings I have to force myself to fix Lily's breakfast first before devouring the 9 pieces of toast or whatever I eat for breakfast. It turns you into a moody bottomless pit.

The next day was Sunday, and I would have felt guilty missing church on Mother's Day so I went and came home early so Lily and I could get our beauty sleep. We had a BBQ for dinner with everyone and Rachel and Leonard came over for a bit. I am glad we got to spend some extra time with cousins because I don't get to see them much. Julie's boyfriend Ben came over too.

Monday I packed to leave, barely fitting all my *new* clothes in my suitcase, and having to leave my shoes behind for David to bring in a couple weeks. Dad and I met up with Dave and Aly and the boys at the Famous Red Iguana for lunch. Their salsa was very good. My enchiladas were pretty good too. Their famous mole was ok; I couldn't decide if I liked it or didn't prefer it. After having some of Aly's and burping the flavor up on the plane, I decided I just don't like mole. I guess that means I am not cultured. I almost had a heart attack because I was running late to the airport, but my flight was delayed an hour and 20 minutes so it turned out ok. After the first leg, I wanted to leave Lily on the plane, but then she made up for it the second (longer) leg by sleeping the whole time. I think I reinjured my tailbone holding her while she slept, but the pain was worth her being still and quiet for everyone else's sake.

After I got home Aaron took me out for a Mother's Day dinner and gave me a very special card. Aaron took his last final today and we have 2 whole months to relax.


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