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[Comments] (2) Fun Stuff: So I recovered from my awful week last week because Jenni felt bad for me and called me up Thursday and told me she was going to watch my kids for me and made me leave the house for at least two hours. It was so nice, let me tell you, and she didn't even have to tell me twice. I took her up on it right away. I decided that I should drive out to the Distribution Center at the temple and get some new G's since I had been meaning to, but dreading the 30 hour trip there and then again back with the kids. I also stopped by Old Navy and bought Lily the cutest brown paisley-ish swimsuit to get ready for Moppie's pool in the summer. Last summer I was so bummed when I bought her a cute "lily" swimsuit from Gymboree and she only got to wear it once because it disappeared after we went to Bandera while everyone was in town for David's wedding. It must have been left on the banks there when I changed Lily but I could have sworn I put it in the trunk. When I get to the afterlife, these are questions I want to have answered, like where did all the things that got lost go? I would love to know.

I also went to Bath and Body Works because their Wallflowers were on sale, and I needed a new one since mine all the sudden stopped working. I also went by Costco for gas and Lily's diapers...can't forget those. It's amazing all the things you can get done when you don't have to strap kids into car seats or get them in and out of the car. Thanks Jenni for watching the kids!! I owe you big time.

I continued my shopping spree on Sat when Aaron was home and I could get away again. I went to Rack Room Shoes and bought myself some new running shoes to go with the gym membership I signed up with. I debated back and forth whether I needed a gym membership or not, and I didn't really want to pay for one but in the end it came down to this: Gunnar is getting too heavy to carry in the pack, I have a double jogging stroller but Gunnar doesn't like it yet-can't blame him, I wouldn't want Lily sitting next to me throwing her sippy cup on my head either, it is starting to get hot outside and I know Texas summers are not conducive to going on a "nice walk" outside, when it is not hot it seems like it is raining, and I need a little time to myself and this gym has a nice kids center.

Another fun thing we did this weekend was getting together with Josh, Jenni, Jake, Erin, and the kids to watch General Conference together and making brunch and dinner. This is the last one we can do this as a triplet because Josh and Jenni are moving, boo hoo. To carry on the tradition, the girls crafted in between the sessions while the boys watched the kids. I use the term watched loosely. More like while they played World of Warcraft online. This time we decided to make wood vinyl signs. Jenni got all the stuff (saw and router) for V-day, and so she cut us some pieces of wood. We painted it and then printed out the vinyl letters off of her handy dandy notebook-haha, just kidding, her handy dandy Cricut which is so awesome by the way. I made the cutest sign ever. I love it. It is going in Lily's room but I painted it green in case I want to move it to Gunnar's or put it in another future boy/girl's room.

So it was a nice relaxing weekend after a bad week. Luckily, I think I am over it though for now especially since I have my gym outlet. I can go even if it is yucky outside.


Posted by Jenni at Mon Apr 02 2007 18:23

you're so welcome---glad you got some stuff done and some shopping time in too!!!

Posted by Alyson at Wed Apr 04 2007 17:07

You are awesome, Jenni! Thanks for taking care of my sister!

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