Sunny 9 for 2007 April 4 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) Conversations: Me:"Do you realize that Luke was Gunnar's age when he got his first haircut?"

Aaron:"Gunnar already gave himself a haircut."


Posted by Jenni at Thu Apr 05 2007 12:07

Cutie...funny how the back always grows so long but it takes so long for the top part to grow in least for my boys it took forever...epsecially Caden.

Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 05 2007 12:40

Maggie's hair looks like that. I keep thinking she will need a trim in the back before it grows in around her forehead, but maybe that's ok for a girl?

Posted by Kristen at Tue Apr 10 2007 14:15

You take what you can get when it comes to hair in newborns.

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