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[Comments] (4) It's not easy being green: So I have been sick these past couple days. Thrown up, just having an upset stomach and feeling weak and queasy if I stand up and move. Pretty much the feeling I get when I am pregnant. Me being pregnant is not possible though, but I would really like to know what is wrong with me and why I have been getting an upset stomach every other week and why this round is lasting more than overnight. You can learn a lot about your kids though when you are sick and slow down. Yesterday I was watching Blue's Clues with Lily and it asked "What's your favorite color?" Lily said, "Purple.....and PINK!" Surprise, surprise. Another 2 yr old girl that likes purple and pink. What is it about those colors that girls like them so much? It's like it is engraved in their brain when they are born. I know those were my favorite colors when I was little. I had a hard time deciding between them. It just amazes me I guess how little boys gravitate toward cars and trucks and weapons and girls toward dolls and princesses. Anyway, I hope I feel better. It isn't fun napping on the couch in between Gunnar being awake, and heaven knows it isn't fun watching Dora. A person could go mad. However I am glad I got to spend some extra time with Lily doing what she likes to do.


Posted by Rachel at Thu Apr 12 2007 16:15

I hope you feel better soon!

Posted by Joe Walch at Thu Apr 12 2007 16:55

That's because girls have more parvocellular ganglion processing cells in their retina which shunts more processing power into the analysis of color and detail at the expense of motion. This is a proven fact of developmental neuroscience. I bet Samuel couldn't even tell you the difference between purple and dark blue or pink and light orange without lots of priming.

Therefore, Boys are much better at catching or hitting baseballs, and girls are better at identifying the variations in baseballs when looked at up close.
Girls are also better at that memory game with cards as a result.

Sorry you are sick.

Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 12 2007 19:06

How miserable!

Posted by Jenni at Fri Apr 13 2007 10:57

You didn't tell me you were sick!!! Hope you're feeling better--let me know if you need anything!

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