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[Comments] (5) Just like Betina:

Last night's prayer...

Me:"Please bless what?"

Lily:"Please bless celery (pause for me to repeat everything) and red, and blue, and orange, and purple, and pink, and black."

Me:"Please bless Papa."

Lily:"And white."

Me:"Please bless Gunnar."

Lily:"Bless Gunnar. Amen."


Posted by Sumana at Mon Apr 16 2007 12:51

I laughed out loud, and so did my colleague. That's awesome.

Posted by John at Mon Apr 16 2007 16:32

She didn't bless green? Is that because she blessed celery, which is green?

Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 16 2007 17:21

She forgot yellow too, my fav. too cute.

Posted by Jenni at Mon Apr 16 2007 23:32

Sweet Lily...her and Caden are a pair indeed...even when it comes to prayers. With Caden, we start it..."Bless ...."...and it never fails, he ends the phrase with "no-Amen". What do ya do?

Posted by Betina at Tue Apr 17 2007 23:55


Little prayers are so cute.

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