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[Comments] (2) When the oppressee becomes the oppressor:

This past week Lily has gathered her troops together and gone at me full force. To make matters worse Aaron has been studying till 10:00pm this week too for a couple nights. She has been a firecracker that girl. I think this week it is mainly because she is sick. And because she is 2. In her streak of deviancy, these are things that I have heard come out of her mouth:

To Gunnar while he is crying in the car: "No, Gunnar, stop it. That's a one, that's a two, that's a three. Time out."

Last night at 11:00pm after Aaron got home from school, she came out of her room and said, "I all done with bed, mama. I all done."

While sitting on my lap watching American Idol: "What the freak. Stupid." I don't know what spurred that?! Maybe seeing Sanjaya perform, who knows?

While I am counting down for her to stop unless she wanted to go to time out- Me: "That's a one." Lily: "And that's a three." As she skipped to three, showing me just how much I scare her. And she carried on with what it was she wasn't supposed to be doing, I have forgotten but it was proabably something to do with sticking her fingers down Gunnar's throat and watching him gag.

And my favorite, while trying to put her down for bed for the umpteenth time because she kept getting out, she started running her fingers through my hair and said, "Ah, mama, you hair es pretty. Mama, has pretty brown hair." She knows the meaning of the word manipulation before she even knows what it is called. Ha!

The good news is that Gunnar is becoming a lot easier to handle. Either that or I am finally getting a grip on this whole multiple children thing. It threw me for a loop, that's for sure. Seriously though, I am starting to enjoy moments of my day again. Still running around like a chicken with my head cut off, just not the whole time.


Posted by Jenni at Thu Apr 19 2007 23:10

That made me laugh...oh, I can't wait for Lily to read your blog in 20 years...she can read all about the torment she put you through!

Posted by Julie at Tue Apr 24 2007 21:41

i remember being on the phone when she told you she was all done with bed... i thought it was so cute... i guess thats because i am not her mom...

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