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[Comments] (4) Feeling crafty: So last night at a friend's house I learned how to make bows. And cute ones too, I might add- see. I think I like the brown clip best. The hot pink one got messed up somehow in the curling process.

Now I don't have to buy them at Gymboree for $3.99 anymore. I can just take an hour to make one. Hmm, $3.99/hr. Oh well, it was fun and I think they make cute gifts. Hopefully I'll get faster at it. Now Lily can have a bow to match each outfit.


Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 25 2007 14:23

cute! I learned at Enrichment once, but I don't really remember. My mom used to make use bows too.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Apr 25 2007 15:41

I was just going to say that... mom used to make bows to match all our outfits that she made. Once she made me a little dinosaur outfit and glued a plastic dinosaur onto the bow. L was SO MAD because he thought she had stolen a dino from his stash but actually she bought one special. She had a matching shirt from the same pattern, I remember because when I got lost on the first day of kindergarten the teacher knew which one was my mom. We matched!

I'm sure you'll get faster. It's a great idea for gifts! Those bows are so cute.

Posted by Jenni at Wed Apr 25 2007 21:05

So cute! If I ever have a girl, you'll have to teach me how to make them. They turned out adorable!

Posted by Kristen at Wed Apr 25 2007 21:27

Jenni, I have no doubt you could teach yourself how to make these. Everything you touch turns to cuteness.

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