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A moment's peace: Wow, it doesn't feel like it has been over two weeks since I updated. I guess I will begin at the top. For Christmas David and Ashley came in town as well as Julie and Chuck. For an activity, Lorna volunteered to baby-sit for us while Aaron and I went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert compliments of Ben. It was a pretty amazing show and perfect music for the holiday season. It was my first time leaving Gunnar, so I was apprehensive but once I was there I knew everything would be fine.

I still haven't ventured out in the real world with both kids by myself. I doubt I will for another month or so and only if it is an emergency I imagine. Lily is just to vivacious for me to take on another.

Christmas was great. We got lots of goodies: $, a deep fryer, tools, new silverware, gift cert, my salad spinner finally!, jewelry, nice grill, clothes, and Lily got her first tricycle and some other toys and clothes. Alyson and the boys came into town the next day. Aaron was great about letting me step out for a couple hours at a time to go shopping and even once to the movies. I saw The Holiday with David, Ashley, and Michelle and it was pretty good minus some casual sex. It was a little misleading and irresponsible I think to portray relationships like that.

Aaron and I even went to see Night at the Museum together with some family. I really liked the show and thought it was funny. Gunnar was pretty good for it too, and Michelle and Lorna took Lily shopping for us so we could go. I was sad to see the out of towners go. New Year's was non-memorable. We watched fireworks again this year from our bedroom window this time with Lily. She was scared of them and reminds me everyday that fireworks are "scary". Speaking of Lily talking, she will not be quiet for a second. She is starting to boss which is laughable to see a tiny thing like that do, but it is also irritating. She says things like "No dinner, want it...I want candy". I still feel sad for her that she is not the only apple of Aaron and my eye anymore. It must be hard for her to deal with. Luckily, she is being pretty loving to Gunnar. She always wants to hug and kiss him.

Aaron returned back at school on Wed, and I was bummed about that. It was nice to have his help. Two kids are hard. I feel like I never get a moment to myself let alone to clean the house up. Hopefully things will get better as Gunnar eats less frequently and is on a more permanent schedule. I also dove head first into my "lose the baby fat" diet. Hopefully I can take it off faster than I put it on. It kinda sucks not being able to eat what you want, but at least I didn't have that to worry about when I was pregnant.

I almost forgot; Aaron and I bought a new truck. We got a good deal on grey Ford 2007 Ranger. Aaron insisted that he get a truck for his projects. It is nice to have I admit, and driving it takes me back to high school when I drove a truck similar to it, standard and all. I like being higher on the road, but it is not so huge that it is scary to park. It is a pretty car I think, and am relieved that I don't have to drive for an hour to pick Aaron up at school with two grumpy kids in the back. I don't love another car payment but fortunately our other car will be paid off in Feb. It feels pretty good finishing up those payments I took on over 5 years ago. I own a car and I paid for it all. That's a good feeling.

Well, back to folding laundry. My life is so exciting!


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