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[Comments] (2) We have lift off: Third day's a charm. There is a poopy in the potty. I am so elated. We went through all of today will NO accidents and we even went to a store and Lily told me she needed to go and she didn't wet herself. While we were out and about she saw this princess pack thing that has earrings and a brush and purse and the works in it. Lily wanted it so bad and I told her she could have it after she went poopy. Well, when we got home she sat on the pot and went. I think she really wanted that princess thing. The girl has literally had nothing but treats today as a reward, but I could careless. For a couple days she can live off Oreo packs for all I care just as long as she keeps this up.

I am so glad the hard part is over. It was like labor. When it is bad, it is bad, but now I've got the baby and things are so much better. Phew! I know she will still have accidents but at least I know we can work with it and that things will get better everyday. YEEHAW!


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