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[Comments] (1) How they grow: I took Gunnar to the Dr yesterday. It seems like he changes everyday. His measurements are: Length = 25.0 inches

Weight = 14.75 pounds

Head circumference = 16.0 inches

Length = 75th percentile

Weight = between 50th and 75th percentile

Head Circumference = 25th percentile

I used to think he was a big boy, but really he is right about average. I guess he is slowing down a bit growth wise. I think that his chubby cheeks make him look bigger than he is. He's got the Jeffery R. Holland jowls thing going on. He is on the tall side, but so was Lily when she was under 6 months. So, who knows.

New this week, I had to take Gunnar somewhere and to keep him from crying I tried to entertain him with a stretchy toy monkey hanging on the car seat handlebars. I wrapped Gunnar's little fist around the monkey's leg hoping that he would play with it. Something worked and when I went to get him out he still had his hand wrapped tightly around the leg and he had put it in his mouth. Just that little step of hand-to-mouth movement progress in development made my chest leap realizing my baby is this little person. Pretty soon he is going to be rolling over and then sitting up and then crawling and it will be his first birthday and Aaron and I will be wondering where the time went. Like it already has between 0-3 months. On the one hand, I am excited that pretty soon he will be able to sort of entertain himself, but on the other hand when I looked at pictures of him right after he was born and saw how tiny he was part of me wanted to hold that little baby just one more time so I could remember. That sounds so sappy but there you have it.


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