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[Comments] (4) Easter, a couple days late: Easter was a success this year even though there was record low's made. The weather was not pretty. It was raining, cold (in the 30's), and it even hailed on me on the way home from a bead class Jenni, Erin, and I took together at Michael's on Sat. We were sad because Sat morning I got up and got the kids ready and myself ready just to find out that the Easter Egg Hunt the Lunt's put on was cancelled from the rain. It was pretty icky, but as the day went on it got colder and colder. I met up with Erin and Jenni for our class and afterward the guys and the kids and we went to dinner. We then had an Easter Egg Hunt for Caden and Lily inside the house. It turned out great for 2 and 3 yr olds because the eggs were pretty easy to find.

On Sunday, the Easter Bunny left Lily a pink pig toy bubbles machine and an outfit. I figure she had gotten enough candy the night before. I got woken up that morning to her talking underneath the door crack saying, "Mom, I want the pink pig!" I put the Easter basket on the counter because I didn't want her to get into it without being there because I know Lily, and I know she would open up the bubbles and spill them all over the carpet. I got her basket down for her and showed her the things in it. She held the "cute outfit" in her hands for about 1.5 seconds before tossing them on the floor and grabbing the pink pig. She loves bubbles.

Sunday we had dinner at my mom's and she made ham, cranberry walnut salad, rolls, and artichoke dip. I brought the sour cream potatoes. As if Lily didn't have enough candy, my mom and the girls set up a little Easter Egg Hunt at my mom's house too. She had fun looking for tons more eggs and found a "Lily basket" (a small basket) with a porcelain doll in it and treats. She didn't pass up another opportunity to flirt as Leah's boyfriend, Derrick, was there. Lily loves boys. The girl gets crushes on everyone. She definitely knows all her uncles and likes to talk about them, I'll tell you that much. And the same goes for boyfriends like Chuck and Derrick. She talks about her soon to be Uncle Chuck and how he is in Utah at least every other week, and she has only met him twice.

Overall, I was thrilled that Lily was old enough to "get" Easter, at least the part about looking for eggs and enjoying that fun of it. We will have to work on the Resurrection aspect because it went over her head this year. Holidays are so much fun when you have kids; I had forgotten how fun they were. It is like you get to live the excitement through your children again like it once was for you.

A little update on Gunnar. He rolls over pretty well now. I finally witnessed it and he likes to do it when he goes down for a nap for some reason and I have to go back in there and turn him back on his tummy. He also found his thumb and really likes to suck on it. Something that has made car trips less upsetting is the vibrating monkey that Aunt Erin gave Gunnar. He loves looking at it and sucking on it. It usually cheers him up or keeps him occupied for a few minutes. He is such a cute little guy and he sure loves his mama.


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