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[Comments] (2) : Ok, so it's already Aug. Can you believe it? I went into Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago and they already have their Thanksgiving stuff and Christmas stuff in. How insane is that? Where did the year go?

[Comments] (1) Wrong side of the bed: Last night Lily would NOT go to bed. I already had to remove her light bulbs from her light a couple nights ago because she was getting out of bed and playing into the night. So she had no lights on but she would not go to sleep. Finally, at midnight I went in there and in a moment of weakness when she asked, "Mama, I want to 'sweep' with you and daddy," I agreed for her to come sleep in our bed. Big Mistake. She kept tossing and turning and talking and keeping me up. Of course Aaron sleeps through anything so he was in dreamland the whole time. Finally when Gunnar woke up at 1:15 to be fed and I fed him and put him back to bed she followed me out of the room and turned on the tv. I had HAD it. I took her back to her room and closed the door. She melted into a puddle of tears on the ground crying out under the door crack, "You're making me angry! Stop embarrassing me. Don't embarrass me. I'm so angry." It was hilarious. Where on earth did she hear about someone getting embarrassed? She certainly doesn't understand what it means. I know where she got the angry word because I told her she was making me angry that she wasn't being quiet and still.

This girl. I don't know what we are going to do with her. I finally opened the door and she agreed that she would be a good girl if I let her come back into our room to sleep. We both probably fell asleep around 1:45-2:00. Needless to say, I was so tired when I woke up this morning. It'll be awhile before I fall for the "she is so cute, she'll just snuggle up to me in bed and sleep" routine again. You try to be nice and you get no sleep.

[Comments] (2) Boards: Aaron passed!! He thought he did awful but it turns out he didn't do bad at all. Now that is behind us, two more years of dental school and another set of boards and we are all done with school. Wow, never thought I would see the light there marrying a freshman. I can't believe we are halfway done with dental school.

Good job Aaron! I'm so proud of you, I am not gifted like that in the sciences so I know it's not easy.

[Comments] (1) Twins, again: It happened again. I got another set of twins. In my eggs. I picked it up and thought, hmm this one looks longer than normal and I broke it open and out came two cutie yolks. Second time it has happened. I mean I eat eggs all the time. It's bound to happen to me again.

Good news about my garden. My first eggplant is growing. It is about the size of a softball. I discovered that I love eggplant in my stir-fry. The basil we have is going out of control and it has been heavenly getting as much roma tomatoes as we have. I love that I don't have to buy them at the store because I go through a lot of tomatoes too. There you have it...eggs and eggplants.

This boy gets around: Today while Lily was napping and I was in the kitchen cleaning up, Gunnar was playing in the family room with some toys. I looked up to see what he was doing and I couldn't see him so I went to look behind the the chairs to see if he was playing with the toys there, but he wasn't. I then saw my door open and thought maybe he had crawled in there, but he wasn't there either. So then I went back over down the hall to find that he had crawled all the way into Lily's room and was sucking on a doll on the floor.

He crawls pretty good now, but it made me laugh to myself that he got all that way without me even noticing he was gone. He's getting so fast. And sometimes when I leave him in the family room to get on the computer in my room all the sudden I will see him pop his head around the corner of the door and see me and start squealing and crawling towards me. I think it is so funny and cute and yet new and bizarre for me to see him this way now with a mind of his own and deliberately deciding on which way to explore. Such a cute little curious boy.

[Comments] (1) Scent and Sensibility: MAybe it is just me and I am weird, but I have a pet peeve. It is I really don't like it when someone holds my baby and I get him/her back and they smell like the person that just held them. I guess it is not really a pet peeve but just annoying.

I feel like a mother bird and I come back to my nest only to find my eggs smell wrong. Not like my babies anymore. Instead the scent of someone else handling them. This is not to say that I would abandon my kids like the birds do, but I do feel like washing them off so they smell like my babies again. Is this weird that I really don't like my kids to smell like someone else's perfume? It happens a lot when I take Gunnar to the gym and since he wants to be held the whole time he usually does come back to me smelling like someone else. Not a bad smell usually just different. Oh well, I better get over it if I am planning to keep going.

Along that note, I love kissing Gunnar's cheeks after he has just had his morning baby food. There is nothing like the lingering smell of strawberry-apple and baby's breath.

More: For those that care.

[Comments] (4) Nice buns!: So awhile back I got a fun HUGE package in the mail from my sis-in-law Jenni for my birthday. A sweet KitchenAid. Her mom gave her the bigger one so she graciously handed down to me her old one. It's a dream. I guess she remembered me saying that I never make rolls and cookies because it was too much of a hassle without a mixer. With this in mind, she gave her old mixer to a good home.

Today I made for the first time in my life ROLLS! I also made for dinner turkey, mashed potatoes (the cheating kind), stuffing, jello salad, and pumpkin pie. It was fun and I now have a lot of leftovers. That is what I mainly made the turkey for because 1) turkey sandwiches on wheat with a little mayo and a lot of cranberry sauce is the best, and 2) I love Hawaiian haystacks. And I made a lot of stock and cut up a lot of turkey for a few meals of those. Now my back hurts from standing up in the kitchen too long.

Thanks Jenni!

[Comments] (4) The conversation went a little like this: Lily: "I want en-chee-ladas for lunch. With sour cream."

Aaron: "Hey Lily, do you want salsa on your enchiladas?"

L: "No. It's too spicy. I don't like spicy."

A: "Come on. I'll just put a little Tabasco sauce in it just like daddy."

L: "NOOOO! I don't want it. I don't want spicy."

A: "Yes you do. It's good."

Kristen: "Aaron, why do you do this? You like listening to her cry?"

L: "Yeah Dad. Stop annoying us."

Tonight while putting Lily to bed after singing & prayers Aaron was giving Lily hugs nigh-night and I was waiting my turn.

Lily: "Hey Dad, can you get off of me now?"

I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for Aaron...oh well, I am sure I will be public enemy number #1 when she is a teenager and I cut up her bikinis and thongs and throw them in the trash and screen her phone calls like my mom did. Might as well soak it up now.

[Comments] (2) Happy Birthday To Lily: A big 3 yrs old today! We are having a family birthday party for her tonight and I asked her what kind of cake she wanted and she said "chocolate". That's my girl!

[Comments] (5) This and that: I feel so far behind in blogging, that or just a lot has gone on lately. First things first...the story behind Gunnar needing glasses. To answer questions, yes he does need glasses, and no they are not a fashion statement. Trust me, I would have spent the $95 on my clothes rather than a pair of "sunglasses" as Lily calls them.

Back to the beginning: after Gunnar was born and once he was further along than a newborn, people including family and people I hardly knew would comment saying they see a "lazy eye" or "cross-eye" in Gunnar. After I got over the "how dare anyone think let alone SAY to a mother their child is imperfect" phase I finally decided and then a few months later remembered to ask his pediatrician about it. The pediatrician referred me to an pediatric ophthalmologist and thus I went. The ophthalmologist immediately diagnosed Gunnar with Pseudostrabismus which basically says it looks like he has a lazy eye since he is a baby and doesn't have a nose bridge, but he isn't cross-eyed. He said it was just an optical illusion and that he will out grow it. He then said just to be sure let's go ahead and dilate his pupils and take a look.

So they put in the eye drops and I waited a half hour for them to take effect and then he brought me back into the office to check Gunnar out again. The Dr. got his little flashlight out and lens thing and looked into his eyes and right away exclaimed, "this boy needs glasses. He is nearsighted!" Ok, imagine my surprise. "Glasses on an 8 month old?" I asked, "Are you sure?" "Oh don't worry. He'll love them. He will love being able to see the world in high def." He then projected an "E" on the wall about 15 feet away, the size of an sheet of paper and said that Gunnar could see that E but anything smaller he would not be able to make out.

So then I called and searched every optical place looking for infant glasses that weren't too hideous and I finally found some at They aren't the cutest things but they are very durable (no screws) and about half as much as the other baby glasses I was seeing. When we put them on his face for the first time he giggled. So I think he likes them, although he does fuse sometimes when I put them on, but he mostly leaves them alone. He always takes them off in the car when he is just sitting there though. Lily will tell me "Gunnar is eating his sunglasses!"

I never needed glasses nor Aaron so I need to adjust to cleaning them and remembering to put them on. I wish that there were some cuter frames but with a baby there are not many options. As you can imagine I get stopped all the time in the store or wherever with comments about his glasses, but at least everyone gushes about how cute he is. I still don't feel like they are apart of him, so I don't really think they are that cute but it helps when other people think so. I can't complain though because it could be worse. I am very blessed to have two very healthy kids, and that is all I ask for.

In other news about Gunnar, he is cutting his two top teeth! Much sooner than Lily did. He isn't as fussy as when his lower ones came in and thank goodness for that. I thought someone switched babies on me. He also crawls really fast now and is very good at pulling up on things. I even went in his room yesterday morning to get him and he was standing up in his crib looking at me: a first! It was so cute. He still takes tumbles but is getting better at it. He hasn't tried walking along things but it is only a matter of time. Whenever Gunnar is missing from the family room I know he has escaped to his favorite spot:Lily's room. He loves playing in there, but only when he forgets that he wants me by his side every minute and every second of every day. That boy is so clingy. If I am not holding him he is not happy about it.

The other thing about Gunnar is he eats all day long. The boy is always hungry wanting to eat solids. He eats what we eat for dinner now along with some baby food to supplement. Sheesh, and it is costing a fortune. I am also not excited about the highchair phase of a big mess on the floor after every meal. I am back to having to sweep and mop all the time now like it was with Lily. Another naughty phase is he won't sit still for diaper changes anymore. Why do kids torture us? As if changing a poopy diaper isn't bad enough, they throw in moving around and crawling away into the picture. And lastly, Gunnar got his first haircut as you can see in my picture blog. He got woken up from a nap so he was not happy. And it doesn't even look that straight. Oh well. This turned out longer than I thought so I will just make another post for Lily.

Onto Lily: She, like Gunnar, got a hair cut. It is a cute pixie cut. She looks better with short hair because it is so wispy. Maybe she will get nice thick hair when she is older but for now, shorter is better. She had her first day of preschool like it says in my picture blog too. It was funny because I asked her how she liked it and she kept saying "the lady got mad at me...the lady said I can't go outside without my shoes on...the lady said not to touch the piggy...the lady put me in time out...the lady told me not to turn off the tv..." So now it begins. Lily remembers things and she is not afraid to say so. I better watch more of what I say because she holds full on conversations with me now. It is funny because it is the very week she turns three that she has showed major signs of growing up. Like the other day I overheard her on the pretend phone talking to someone, "Whatcha doing? Oh just hanging out." Never mind she was holding a conversation with herself, she is hilarious saying adult things.

She got this Dr.'s kit for her birthday from my mom and she loves it. She loves pretending to do "Dr.'s appointment" with me. And in the car she totally likes to jam out now. She tells me to "turn it loud" when her favorite song Old MacDonald comes on. Yesterday when I went to see what Lily was doing in her room I caught her sitting on her bed with her shirt up and her princess shoe resting on her belly. I asked her what she was doing and she said "I'm feeding my shoe." Nice.

I am really liking this phase. I love the hilarious things little kids think of in their heads. And Lily's behavior has improved a lot. She is a lot more obedient. Like Gunnar, she has been very clingy too. Not quite sure why.

Yesterday Aaron came home with stitches in his thumb. He cut it to the BONE on accident while doing lab work. Poor guy. He was mostly concerned that he would not be able to play video games for a few weeks and plus football season is starting up in a week. Me on the other hand, I could get used to him injuring himself like this. j/k babe! Love ya!

Sunny 9 for 2007 August

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