Sunny 9 for 2008 January 14 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) Just when I thought it couldn't get better: Cold Stone came out with a new flavor, chocolate cake batter. How could you not love two things that are so perfect? Aaron and Lily went out and decided to pick some ice cream up for me. While we were eating it at home Lily decided to share each others. I guess she decided that my chocolate cake batter with brownies looked as good as her strawberry shortcake ie "pink" ice cream. She told me as she was feeding me a bite, you get just the pink and I get the yellow- referring to the cake bits mashed up. Nice manners. Then you can't have any of my brownies!


Posted by Aaron at Thu Jan 17 2008 09:18

As often as we've gone to Cold Stone over the last couple weeks, we should look into stock options. . .

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