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[Comments] (3) Walker, a Texas Ranger: Gunnar is getting around these days. He is pretty good at walking about 20-30 steps. He can walk, stop and pause and keep walking again so his balance is really improving. He is so hilarious to watch. I love how sometimes he will let go of something and have his arms up in the air and a big grin on his face and teeter towards me, swaying back and forth. Before long he will only want to walk.

In AZ we copied cousin Luke and got some fancy new shoes to help him walk better. He loves those things and giggles when we put them on. The ladies at the gym I go to insist I need to buy him some shoes with good soles to help in walk and since I got him his fancy new shoes I thought it would quell their insists. Not so, today one of the ladies was like- I don't think those shoes are helping because he keeps falling after a few steps...You need some heavy duty shoes. I'm sorry, did you not realize he is learning to walk. Of course he is going to face plant all the time. Not to mention every single baby magazine and website says don't put real shoes on your baby until they can walk. They even recommend they learn to walk barefoot first. So please stop telling me I need to buy him new shoes, thankyouverymuch!


Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 15 2008 15:44

I agree with you and every baby magazine. Make his feet harder to manuever? I don't think so.

Posted by Jenni at Wed Jan 16 2008 16:50

Love those cute shoes! I got Austin some new shoes today---some super cute Sketchers. New shoes are so fun!

Posted by Aaron at Thu Jan 17 2008 09:27

My favorite is when he's just standing in the middle of the room, playing with a toy. If you watch him long enough he'll notice you looking at him and start breathing excitedly. Before you know it, he's trucking across the room to show you what he's doing. :)

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