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[Comments] (5) 6 years and counting: Yesterday was Aaron and my 6 year anniversary. We were lucky enough to escape to the Westin downtown for a relaxing night and day away from the kids thanks to David and Ashley watching the kids for us. This was our first night together without kids since Lily was born. It was a real treat to be able to wake up naturally, and not be woken up to crying or Lily calling through the door that she wants breakfast. Aaron surprised me with a Coach wallet and I gave him a leather jacket, but it wasn't a surprise. He gives really good gifts and just keeps getting better at it.

We left after Aaron finished with school and decided to try out the Westin's in house restaurant. After $100 later we rolled ourselves back up to the room. We really wanted to catch a movie but it took 2 hours for them to bring around 4 courses (appetizers, salad, entree, and dessert). It was good food but probably not worth a whole weeks worth of groceries, yikes. It is fun to go to fancy restaurants once in a while though. Plus our friend Matt got us like a 60% discount on the room so it would be like we just paid full price for a room with a bonus dinner. (You see my fine rationalizations skills here. This is how I rationalized the Old Navy folly last week when their clearance stuff was marked down an extra 50%...we won't get into that except to say cute sweaters for $4.)

I was kinda wiped at the end of the day because it felt like I was getting ready to go out of town by cleaning the whole house and packing and changing sheets and making sure David and Ashley would be comfortable staying there. And it was cold and rainy. However, we did catch a movie Sat along with shopping at Rivercenter Mall and breakfast at Emily Morgan Hotel. The breakfast was very good. We actually ate dinner at their restaurant Oro for our last anniversary. We really like that place.

We decided to see Cloverfield because I have been on a scary movie kick ever since I Am Legend. I admit I don't really like scary movies, but these aren't like bloody gory weird movies. I really liked I Am Legend because I found myself thinking about the movie for the next couple days after. I usually forget a lot about a movie, I just remember if I liked it or not. Cloverfield wasn't as good but I still enjoyed it. It is nice to switch it up a bit sometimes.

It turned out after we got home that the girls were all going to see 27 Dresses so Aaron told me to go with them since Michelle was in town and he would stay home with the kids and play video games. That is the only plus about video games is that Aaron always has something to do when I am gone so he doesn't mind it if I leave. It was weird watching 2 movies in one day, but fun. We went to Pei Wei for dinner and it was really good to hang out with mom, Michelle and Lorna, and SIL Ashley. This is why I love living near family! Fun girl's night outs! 27 Dresses was a very predictable but very cute movie. I think I could live Sat over and over again if I had to. It is nice to have fun things going on all day long. And when we got home the kids were so excited to see us. Lily just kept hugging and kissing us, telling us she missed us so much. Who knew she was such a softy?


Posted by Jenni at Sun Jan 20 2008 21:40

Glad you guys had a good time!!! SOunds like it was a blast!

Posted by Betina at Mon Jan 21 2008 23:56

I love how you are constantly finding great deals you just can't pass up. Bargain shopping is so great!

Happy anniversary!

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed Jan 23 2008 12:34

Congratulations on the 6 years.

Posted by alyson at Fri Jan 25 2008 21:34

That sounds like a nice reception home (hugs and kisses from small arms). I'm glad to hear about your happy anniversary.

Posted by Julie Browne at Mon Jan 28 2008 20:00

what is SIL? I love date nights, they remind me of courtship when you get so excited to go out, you buy a new outfit and never want the night to end..

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