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[Comments] (1) Life's not fair: It is a myth that women get off easier than men regarding tickets. Since Aaron and I have been married he has gotten out of at least 3 tickets, whereas I have never been given so much as a warning let alone being scotfree. Just this week Aaron was pulled over for going 60 in a 40 speed limit. Surprise, surprise...he got out of it by "playing dumb". Coincidentally, I got pulled over too a couple weeks ago for having an expired registration and an expired proof of insurance. I can explain, the registration I just noticed after we got back from vacation. It totally crept up on me. I was waiting for Aaron to fix the printer so I could print off our renewed proof of insurance through USAA because they don't mail it to you anymore. You can't renew your registration unless you have PoI. So I told this to the cop and he wrote me a ticket for both! What a jerk. He even gave it to me after Lily was calling out from the backseat, "I want to say hi to the man". What happened to poor emotional women getting a pass? Ok, so I have never shed a tear, but still. I got 2 other speeding tickets that I swear I am innocent of a couple years ago too. (I think I have a fuming blog entry about it if I look.) Seriously, I was innocent. The jerks that pulled me over both said "tell it to the judge". I am losing faith in the system if me, who was innocent, is given tickets over my husband who is grossly going over the speed limit every time he is pulled over and given a free pass. I mean I am glad I don't have to pay for a ticket and increased insurance rates and all, but still. Such a male chauvinistic society we live in.


Posted by Jenni at Thu Jan 24 2008 14:48

Seriously, how on earth does he keep getting out of tickets? Neither Josh or I have gotten any tickets since high school and I'm just assuming it's right around the corner...we've been too lucky too long. Crossing my fingers I can act as good as Aaron when it happens!

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