Sunny 9 for 2008 February 1 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) Free-dom! (think William Wallace): Life has been so much easier since Gunnar has learned to walk. This means he does not want to be sitting on my hip any longer. At least most of the time. He is such a curious boy now, I love it. But I am starting to see his sister come out in him. He is a much lower key person than her but still likes to get into cupboards, which is his favorite if he is in the kitchen, or anything else he can get his mouth on. He is a very friendly guy too going up to strangers at Costco and saying hello to people at church. He will take the free Goldfish you offer him too. He is so chatty that even though he can be in Sunday School happily walking around, he blabbers so loud that we have to take him out.

The poor guy though has had a diaper rash for almost 2 weeks straight. We are going to try soy milk to see what happens. He was on half formula, half regular milk until after Christmas when we ran out of formula and so I am wondering if that is it. I am really getting tired of changing 4-5 poopy diapers a day. Lily had a permanent rash until she was out of diapers due to sensitive skin. My poor kids. Speaking of allergies, Aaron's nose has not stopped dripping since before Christmas. On the news a couple nights ago they were saying Mountain Cedar is way up---normally a 500 count is high, and yesterday it was 21,000!!!! Therefore, sneezing, blowing, snoring, and watery red eyes are what Aaron has been living with for MONTHS! He asked me, would you trade my allergies if I were to have the rest of the children (pregnancies) for you. Let me think about that---YES!


Posted by Alyson at Tue Feb 05 2008 22:59

Oh, the miseries!

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