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[Comments] (2) Which reminds me: So Lost is on tonight(!!) and in the previews there is a new character. He looked familiar and I remembered I had seen him in Rescue Dawn. He did such an amazing job on a POW character in the movie. I don't think I mentioned it when I saw the movie, but I thought I should in case anyone wanted a tried and true movie to rent. Go see it, it is a great show. It is a little hard to stomach in some places b/c let's face it, they are in a prison camp. Not everything is peachy, but I loved the movie.

Steve Zahn was in it too, and he was great. And who doesn't love Christian Bale?! He had me from Santa Fe in Newsies and jiving to It Don't Mean A Thing from Swing Kids (I love that movie!). And I know I mentioned it before awhile ago, but I will say it again, if you haven't seen Empire of the Sun, you should.

While Hailey and I were interchanging what movies we had seen, she brought to my attention As You Like It because I said I liked Bryce Dallas Howard. I saw it and really liked it. It is a Shakespeare comedy, and in the previews they featured Shakespeare: Retold. I have it in my queue now and will let you know how I like them. Another interesting tidbit from that preview is the main character on the tv show Life. Who would have thought he was English? It reminds me of when I found out Colin Farrell was Irish and I didn't believe it because his accent was too good. Well, Gunnar just brought me a book and is whining at me so I guess I better stop talking about movies and read to him.


Posted by Hailey at Fri Feb 08 2008 12:24

Ooh, I need to see Rescue Dawn. I love me some Christian Bale

Posted by Joseph D.+Walch at Tue Feb 12 2008 16:26

That was a good movie.

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