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[Comments] (1) I'm guilty too: Yesterday at church, as my kids were harassing the families with better toys in front, behind, and next to us as is common every Sunday, I reflected on one of my New Years resolutions which is not to judge people or hastily come to conclusions about them in the 10 minutes passing/playgroup/or any other social encounter. Especially about their parenting. It was then that I was hoping these people were not doing to it me.

The longer I am a mother, the more I realize I know squat about raising kids. Like when you are in the store and your child is misbehaving and your mind is spinning through the Rolodex of possible solutions and you are so busy trying to problem solve let alone how to do it in a calm, cool, collective way--like a good mom should, you can barely think about what it is you are there for and all you want to do is hurry up so you can leave. Good times. Or when I see small families or couples with no kids yet I totally want to reinforce them and say good for you...get yourself to a good place in life before you dive into having kids because you sure aren't doing them a favor if you aren't ready yet, and don't let people pressure you into thinking you aren't a good Mormon unless you start a family right away. Or when I see smaller families I think that's right, quality over quantity. If you are the type of person that can handle a lot, good for you, but if you aren't the type of person that can I think being a really great mom to a few kids is way better than being a lukewarm mom to a lot of kids.

So I guess what I am saying is I get it now. Thanks to Heavenly Father for sending me strong-willed child(ren). Lily is so active and independent and bright and I wouldn't have it any other way, but I totally learned my lesson. I don't think any parent wants their kids to be brats. I try to lead my kids in a good direction best I can. If you think I am doing a crappy job, you can have a shot at it. But I know now when I see a kid screaming in a store (that is if it isn't my own) next time I am going to try harder to be understanding and less "shut your kid up, can't you control your kid?" Now I know, you can't control your kids (that is unless you want to beat the spirit out of them) and I have eaten my words many, many times.


Posted by Jenni at Tue Feb 19 2008 11:46

Well put! And I totally agree--being a parent teaches you something new everyday...usually it teaches me that I have a lot more learning to do! You're an awesome mom---just so you know!

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