Sunny 9 for 2008 February 19 (entry 1)

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Fun day: I love holidays for obvious reasons, and yesterday was no exception. We first started the day off with me: a trip to the gym with the kids, and Aaron: a long filled morning of paintball with the boys. I am glad Aaron got to have fun time away since I feel like it is mostly me that is leaving alone to run errands or whatever on Sat's. So I am glad he got to do that, and he also brought Sonic lunch home for the kids.

After the kids woke up from their naps we headed out to Sams and the kids discovered how much fun it is to jump on the mattresses and run wildly up and down the very large aisles. Yeah, we left pretty fast from there. Then we went to Americus Diamond to get my ring polished and serviced. Love that place--they redip your ring for free. And then we went to Petco, and then to Petsmart. We bought some new fish, them being: sunburst Mickey Mouse platy (get it--the tail that looks like a Mickey mouse head?), 2 black mollies (I just love how they look like shadows swimming around, but Aaron thinks they are creepy), creamsicle lyretail molly, rubber lipped pleco, 2 red clawed crabs to replace Mr. Crabs-I miss him...isn't that face the plainest thing (in the Smith sense of the word) you have ever seen?, and a black angelfish. Of course the fish look way more colorful and vibrant in real life. It is a lot of fun having a fish tank, especially when I never have to clean it out ever. We have some other fish too, but that is just what we got yesterday.

On the way home, I called Pei Wei and placed a take out order because the kids were tired and I didn't want to deal with them at a restaurant. We had our Silverado movie ticket stub so we got a free lettuce wrap, Mongolian beef, and kids honey seared chicken for the kids to split. Our dinner was only 12 bucks...less than fast food and better tasting. So that's that. It was a good day.

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