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[Comments] (2) G-dub: I always said this age was my favorite stage with Lily, and Gunnar confirms that the 12-18 months stage is one of my favorite times. This is when you think you are totally awesome because your kid starts blooming and becoming smart and realizing the world around them and doing all these new things and you are like 'yep, my genes are so awesome', but it is also before they start throwing tantrums and disobey you just to see you burst out of your skin into hot molten lava. So bare with me, or not, while I run down the latest on the G-man.

Teething--he is currently cutting 2 more teeth. His lower laterals. It is about time. He hasn't gotten a new tooth for a few months. This time around is not that bad. A little moody and runny nose, but him sleeping more has offset anything negative. About a month ago Aaron and I gave him a haircut. His hair was getting long (on top that is). It was the most miserable experience ever. Next time I am so going to a place for $10 instead of putting Gunnar and myself through 20 minutes of sheer torture. He bawled the entire time and was trying to bust loose from my half nelson. Our clippers were old, so that didn't help. I thought he would never settle down after that one.

So on my pic blog I have some of him in his glasses. Sometimes throughout the day they become crooked usually to do with something Lily has done to him. Once in awhile I see him push them back up on his nose. It is so cute, and reminds me that he is no longer a helpless baby. He is getting bigger and does things on his own. I can't wait to start him on dishes.

His new PASSION in life is books. At first I thought this one wouldn't happen because Lily was into books before I can even remember. They were always her favorite thing, so I thought it just skipped Gunnar. No way. This kid could sit on my lap with Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb all day long. It's pretty cutie the way he goes about it. He will go pick out a book and then come over to me (usually with a ugh, ugh whine) toss the book in my lap and bounce up and down until I pull him up or try to climb into my lap. And let me tell ya, those chunky board books hurt if they land on your wrist or your HEAD the wrong way. Those suckers are hard. He loves to be read to, and I think it is precious. He is only interested in those starter books though. The ones that just say "red apple" or "4 balloons" or any of the "I Spy" books. Things with just simple objects or animals. And when I actually read a story he just starts flipping pages. He just likes to point to stuff and for me to say what it is. It's weird that he loves Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb though because he doesn't like stories. I think it is just because it is almost like a song and he likes that I bang my thumb on the pages like I drum. And the best part is he gets his own books which makes my life so much easier.

Some other new things are his new swing, the one for babies that looks like a car seat almost. He was a little leery at first but has grown to like it. He just chills in it. He loves going down our slide on the other hand. We get huge guffaws from that. It is too bad that he is still little though because he loves Lily's trike. He has this little thing I can push him on but that is not as cool. He goes for it every time. And cries when he can't ride it right. He loves to go for walks in the stroller too. I plop him right in and he doesn't make a peep until it's over. I do this at the end of the day before it is dinner time because that seems to be the worst time of the day for all three of us- Lily, Gunnar, and me.

With all our trips to the pet store, I have to mention that he loves looking at all the animals. He will walk right up to them and say "dah". His favorite are the birds because he loves to hear them outside and it is the one sign he can do. Although he did sign 'shoe' the other day and 'out' but those are not consistent. It is kind of a pain though to go to the pet store though because he gets so frustrated that he can't touch the animals. He starts banging on the glass and getting all huffy but when I take him away, he does limp body so he can go back, and he does this giddy laugh/cry thing like oh, I love this, but why won't they let me touch them. He's learned some things from his sister like dancing in the car to music. He'll sway side to side with a big grin or clap away.

I have to laugh because I think I am not like most moms. During Gunnar's first few months, I admit there were times when I really thought he was a funny looking baby (like most babies are) but mother's aren't supposed to be able to distinguish that. Maybe it's a good thing, maybe it's a bad thing, but I seriously would look for pictures trying to find a "good" one to post or whatever and just not loving that picture. He was definitely better looking in person, let's just say that. And I was talking about that with my family, and my brother was like "Yeah, I know. And when he was a newborn and you were saying 'I think he looks just like you, David' and I was thinking, I hope I don't look like that" I laughed my head off. It's ok that he said that because now his kids with be fair game. ;) Gunnar got way chubby in the first 6 weeks and then his hairline was weird when he lost all his hair. But he really has come around I think to be such a cute sweet boy. And he is so photogenic now. I have to keep myself from posting too many pics instead of digging for some good shots. What a fun time we are having now with our little family. Now all we need is for him to get a little bigger so Lily won't be able to give him choke holds tight hugs as much.


Posted by Leonard at Tue Feb 26 2008 07:18

Test comment.

Posted by Susie at Tue Feb 26 2008 10:26

real comment. Can't wait! Every day gets more and more fun with Maggie, but I won't deny that she is learning temper tantrums early. Luckily I'm a good ignorer of such things.
M loves books too. So cute, our little readers!

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