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[Comments] (2) A princess with pierced ears: Yesterday, on the way to Costco Lily was talking about how she wanted earrings in the car. I bought her a little sticker earring and ring set at the dollar spot at Target, and she has been dying to get her ears pierced for a long time. She loves looking at my jewelry and keeps asking me when she can get her ears pierced like mommy. Aaron wanted to wait till she was older and she could make the decision herself, and I did too, so whenever she would ask we would tell her it hurts really bad and does she really want a sharp thing poked in her ear?

That never deterred her. She was very determined to get them so on the way to Costco we made a stop at Shops of La Cantera at Claire's to get it done. We kept telling her that it was going to hurt but she would insist, "No, it's not going to hurt mama." When we got there I asked her which earrings she wanted and of course it was the PINK! ones. They were actually a flower with pink crystal petals and a yellow crystal center. She flinched a little when the guy brought the gun to her ear, but no crying and no objections. When it was done she said, "See mama, I told you it wouldn't hurt." She kept looking in the mirror admiring her earrings.

I have to admit, she looks pretty darn cute in them. When I go to clean her lobes with a Q-tip she jars away and warns me not to take them out. She really likes them...They gave us 20% a purchase in the store since we bought a piercing package so Lily picked out a Dora purse. When we got home, Lily hung her purse up on the hook where I hang my purse. She also asked me the kinds of things I put in my purse and then she showed me what she had in hers...a toy Big Bird and Boo the character on Monsters Inc. She also put her sippy cup in there. So random.

Aaron bought Lily a piggy bank for Valentine's Day and lately we have been paying her money to do chores. 5 cents to get me a diaper for Gunnar. 25 cents to help clean up the living room, stuff like that. We tell her to save up and when she earns enough we will go to Chuck E Cheese. Well, her piggy bank has since broken but she keeps her coins in this Matrioshka Nesting Doll that we bought for her while we were on our Anniversary overnight trip for when we got home. Luckily she had that in her purse because later that evening we were out and about and we promised ice cream for her thinking we were all going to go to Cold Stone after the store, but Aaron and I didn't feel like it after Gunnar's fit in the car so we pulled into the Mc Donald's right there for Lily because she was looking forward to it. We had no cash and I didn't want to charge $1.08 on our debit card and I remembered Lily was carrying around her "piggy bank". I asked Lily if she had her money and her face lit up and was so excited to hand it over to us. Aaron and I looked at each other and laughed because we felt like such losers that we couldn't scrounge up a buck eight to pay for our daughter's treat. Lily didn't mind one bit and she felt like such a big girl for earning her ice cream. It was pretty funny and cute.

I guess it is only fair that this is a long post about Lily since I just did an update on Gunnar too. I'll have to add this too, at church today Lily's primary teacher was wanting to fill out a little thing on everyone in the class and she was asking what Lily wanted to be when she grew up. So I asked her and of course she said "a princess" without hesitation. Her favorite primary song was Twinkle, Twinkle. Try explaining to her that it wasn't one of the choices of primary songs. Also, last Sunday was her first talk in primary. Of course I had to forget because I was so worried about the Valentine's Dance that we (the activities committee) had to set up for and throw (David being the DJ and me having to help make a play list and stuff). So I was so stressed about that all Sat I totally forgot to write her a talk. Luckily, Aaron winged it and it didn't matter anyway because she wasn't talking into the mic and you couldn't hear what she said anyway. She did like getting up though, which is good. I hope she doesn't hate speaking in public when she grows up like I do. Pictures of her pierced ears coming soon.


Posted by Alyson at Wed Mar 05 2008 15:41

Lily is such a darling!

Posted by Julie at Wed May 21 2008 16:08

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