Sunny 9 for 2008 March 4 (entry 0)

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Another day another drama: Lily woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Starting at 4:30AM she was wandering around aimlessly, crying, in the family room mumbling something that sounded like my pink sippy. I might not have gotten up except her crying would have kept me from falling back asleep anyway so I went to remedy the situation so I could get back to sleep.

Apparently, her pink sippy cup was under her pillow and she was mad she couldn't find it and thought maybe I had taken it after she went to sleep and switched it out for a blue one. I know these delusions stem from last night when we were putting her to bed I couldn't find the pink sippy and so Aaron got her a blue one. She refused it and whined and cried until I agreed to go look for her pink one. I found it and came around the corner to give it to her and I see the blue one tossed on the floor in the hall with Lily telling me to give that one to Gunnar. It's a frickin cup, you get what you get, but fine, whatever, I will pick my battles and this one you can win. Your utensils, plates, cups, and bowls will either be pink or Dora so I can have some PEACE. Lily's dad still hasn't figured it out yet. It is not worth putting a yellow cup of milk in front of her at dinner because she will escalate from emphatic remarks to screaming in 0 to 3 seconds. You may think I shouldn't indulge but like I said, I'm picking my battles here.

So after I found her cup and tucked her in bed and left hearing Lily open the door all the way instead of the alloted crack we give her, and she telling me she wants it open that much. Fine, whatever, just go to sleep. So this morning was a nightmare getting Lily ready for preschool. First off, I forced her to wear a green shirt. I know, how dare I. Secondly, it was long sleeved, I've got some nerve, right? And I made her wear jeans. Heaven forbid I make her dress warm when it is in the 30's. She always wants to wear short sleeves and skirts, and tells me 'I'm hot'. I let her win the battle over shoes. She got to wear sandals instead of socks and shoes, so what she is just going to take them off anyway the minute she gets to preschool. Keep in mind trying to get her dressed was 20 minutes involving a time out and lots of snot and maybe a convulsion or two. She finally got dressed when I told her she wouldn't go to preschool if she didn't and that if she wore her outfit she could change right when she got home into whatever she wanted.

It makes me mad because she has had this green long sleeved shirt this whole winter and has only worn it 3 times. Had I known she would act like this I probably wouldn't have gotten it but I was trying to mix things up a bit. Then after preschool, she went into complete hysterics when I cut her sandwich in half. That took another time out and lots of snot lasting about 20 minutes to get over before she came and ate her sandwich. If this is any sign of whats to come when she is 13, I don't know what I am going to do. She already wants to listen to music loud--"turn it loud mom" and is the king pin at the preschool. Seriously, such a boss. I guess Aaron could stay in the military and we could live in some remote country where there won't be much to fight over because we barely will have electricity let alone a mall/boys/options.

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