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[Comments] (3) Pros and cons: Of living in SA, Texas. Pro- great food. Con- Trying to stay away from the great food. Pro- Great winter weather. Con- Terrible summer weather. Pro- In the "mission field". Con- Some people are away from their family (however not me). Pro- Lots of culture, always something to do on the weekend to that effect however I am more of a homebody. Con- Sometimes being the minority sucks (ex middle school). Pro- Fiesta Texas, Sea World, malls, Zoo, close by convinces. Con- Traffic (I think SA has the worse city planning when it comes to roads). Pro- Inexpensive homes low cost of living. Con- High property tax. Pro- No income tax, offsets property tax. Pro- 45 minute drive to outlet mall. Con- 2 day drive to Utah or a long drive to anywhere else. Pro- Small town feel with big town amenities. Pro- You can drive down the road without offensive billboards for strip clubs/movies (CALIFORNIA, Vegas, NYC-is there even a street that doesn't have a porn shop?, even Houston) and for the most part you don't even see those adult related places of business. I think I can count on one hand where the ones I have seen and this city has a pop of more than one million.

For me I really like most things about San Antonio except summer and traffic. Even in the summer though, there are fun water parks and stuff. I remember living in Utah and feeling like it was miserable heat. I think anytime it is hot it feels unbearable. Everything else is great for the most part. I feel bad for people who don't have family nearby because that would suck, and anytime you want to live nearby family that is reason enough to not want to live here. I guess some people like it that way though. I can't even count how many wonderful friends I have met here. There are so many people that are in the same situation as us and there are tons of great people to be friends with.

Anyway, this post is mostly for you John ;). I know Joe always touts Texas. I guess it really depends on what you are looking for. For me it fits. I just wish it wasn't so dang hot in the summer but at least we don't have endless winters which can be depressing (it's been proven). For the record, there are some proud Texan hillbillies however you don't really get much of that in SA because much of it is military or not that "country". People here don't even have accents. Anyways, I am not trying to patronize anyone, it is just why I like.


Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 27 2008 15:01

I don't know, I thought having Frederick's of Hollywood right next to the grocery store was pretty convenient. ;)

Posted by Joe Walch at Thu Mar 27 2008 18:23

I asked Louise yesterday if she would mind it if I stayed in San Antonio for residency (match day for residencies was last week). She said she would LOVE to stay since she doesn't really like the winter snow either (except to visit it for a couple of weeks at a time). Louise would like California or Savannah GA, but it just seems right to stay here (and reduce the number of places family have to travel to visit other people).

Since I am planning on Internal medicine, I can pretty much plan on staying in san antonio if I really wanted to, but we'll see what happens.

Posted by John at Thu Mar 27 2008 19:53

I don't recall seeing place relating to porn of of ill repute except for the area surrounding LAX. The OC is very conservative. Remember, CA is a big state. It's an unfair blanket statement to make about a really awesome place to live. The problem with CA, at least for me, was that everybody knows how awesome it is, everyone wants to live there, and thus the place is a concrete jungle mess whose cost of living is out of control.

I thank you for the post, Kristen. But we just got to UT. So we will be unable to move for awhile. And who knows where you'll be in the future anyway, right? Your house looks lovely from all the pics I've seen, but I think if we moved to TX we would want something bigger for future family needs. But maybe Julie will be able to buy it from you. The timing seems near perfect on that one!

Do you guys have any idea where you'll be in a year? Or is it still too early to tell?

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