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On death and dying: Lily has been exposed to this whole topic the past few months with the passing of Pres Hinckley. Every evening we used to pray for Pres Hinckley in her prayers, and then when he died I can imagine it was so abrupt for her to not really be prompted to bless Pres Hinckley but rather Pres Monson now. She keeps saying Pres Hinckley anyway in addition to Pres Monson, and I don't know if I should encourage it or not. And then when I preempt her saying "bless Pres Monson and Pres Hinckley" she will then exclaim "Pres Hinckley died." Hmmm...

So tonight as I was putting her to bed we were having the discussion about why Pres Hinckley died again, that he was sick and he is in heaven now with Sister Hinckley. Then she said "Is Moppie's mommy in heaven? I want to give Moppie's mommy a kiss." I told her that I wanted to give Moppie's mommy a kiss too, and that she could give her a kiss when she gets to heaven. She then said that when she dies she is going to die with her (stuffed) kitty and turn pink and go to heaven. "But I'm not died yet, mama." Yes, and thank goodness for that.

When I was little I used to ask my mom what she would do if I died before her and she would always reply, "I would go to heaven and spake your little bottom if you died before me." So now Lily is asking questions like where is heaven? Exactly where in the sky is heaven and why can't she go visit heaven?

Lily also doesn't quite get the baby thing. L-"When I turn big and you turn little, you will be just little, little in my tummy. I want to be big and have a little baby." My sweet little baby, when you are big and you have a baby, I will come and take care of you. I just love my sweet little girl.

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