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[Comments] (2) Talking hands: Gunnar has made such leaps and bounds in the past 6 weeks in regards to communication. He has "out" down pat- sign and I am pretty sure that is his first word. That and no. He says no a lot. Of course "bird" was his first sign, but he has been doing that one for a long time. He attempts to say "tweet, tweet" but it just comes out as "hee, hee". And he can hear them when I open his door to get him out of his carseat so I am usually greeting with him flapping his fingers and "hee, hee"-ing. While reading books he will point to animals and either sign "bird" or "elephant". When he does "elephant" he will just go "ahhhhh" for the sound. I have occasionally gotten a "grr" out of him for the lion or bear roar. He gets "outside" when I do it but can't sign it yet. He just goes running for the door.

Then there is "shoe" sign which he has been doing for a long time too. He loves his shoes and when I tell him to go get them, he giggles and runs and finds them for me to put them on. And ball he has been doing for awhile too. He loves balls. This week he has been practicing "more" and "please". It is amazing to me how children pick up on things like that. If I sign more then I get more of what she's eating, I imagine what was going through Gunnar's mind today when he came up to me again and again to get bites of my sandwich. It is so cute. And then when I tell him to say (sign) please and he does it, I feel like I have a little monkey on a string.

This is such a neat phase and I think one of my favorite. When what you are saying makes sense to them. They can't really talk, but you know by their look that what you are saying makes sense. And they want to communicate with you. It is crazy that I can teach him something, and that his little brain figures out what I am trying to make him do, and he does it. The brain is amazing.

The only trick with two is all this positive attention and yay-ing and horraying for Gunnar, I need to be doing it with Lily as well because I don't want her to feel left out. It is easy to use the happy baby voice a lot with Gunnar when he is accomplishing his little feats, but with Lily she is past the whole "baby talk", but not really because she starts mumbling like a baby to get a little attention too, wanting me to congratulate her. She has been doing so awesome though learning all the signs I am teaching Gunnar and practicing with him. She will ask him "do you want to get out?" and then sign it, so that's pretty cute watching them communicate.

Yeah, I would have to say this is one of my favorite stages.


Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 24 2008 20:18

Maggie seems to have learned her first sign, "all done." I am surprised she hasn't learned "drink" yet. She can do an awesome elephant trumpet though! She loves the elephants.

Posted by Alyson at Sat Apr 26 2008 08:05

K--I am so excited about Gunnar's signing! I wish I could see him signing. . .

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