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TMI: Gunnar pooped in the tub yesterday. When Aaron saw it he quickly got Gunnar out and I got Lily out and we transfered them to our tub to finish the bath, or restart the bath rather. I cleaned up the mess and Aaron bathed the kids despite Gunnar wailing the entire time. For some reason literally ever since he was born he has had this fear of water. I am not kidding. From his first sponge bath in my kitchen sink in one of those pink hospital bins they give you, to present he cries and cries at the sight of water. The beach--mad as heck when I took him near the water. The pool, torture. He cried in the bath tub until he was probably 7 or 8 months old every time. He now likes the bath, but only his bath tub. If we ever change the venue, we better wear ear plugs. It is funny because I have this baby calendar, and it has stickers of all his "firsts" and where you write all the things going on in development and such. For each month there is a spot that says "moments we don't want to forget". I was rereading them the other day and in a few months it says "You HATE baths. You scream just hearing the water running. You cry long and hard, and don't stop until you are in your jammies and are feed."..."still hate baths..."

Anyway, Gunnar's crazy fear of water is not what I came to write about. Today after the baths, Lily realized that she was getting wrapped up in the green towel and not the pink. She always insists on pink, and she demanded it. I reminded her that it was dirty because we had to get her out of the bath yesterday when there was poopy water, and I had to wash it first. She goes "Did Gunnar have brown poopies in the water?"


"And was there strawberries in it?"

"uh, maybe."

"Uh-huh, and cereal in it too."

Eww, too much information!

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