Sunny 9 for 2008 May 4 (entry 0)

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Gone, baby, gone: The bottles are gone. I took the kids to the dentist this past week, and he totally shamed me into taking Gunnar off the bottle. He is 17 months and I can live with the weening at this point, so I obliged. He hasn't done too bad if you count refusing to drink any milk whatsoever now. This boy used to go through practically a half gallon a day. Trips to the store every 3-4 days was not uncommon for me to take between my husband and kids' milk consumption. Aaron still drinks whole milk as does Lily.

Gunnar will occasionally sign milk and I am always there with a sippy cup for him, but he gets really angry. The bottle was a soothing mechanism for him. He still has his thumb, but no more bottles in bed. I think while I am at it I should take milk away from the night time routine altogether since the dentist tsk, tsked me on that too. Ah, whatever. Aaron's not all that concerned about it, so neither am I.

In that same vein, Gunnar has also been pretty mad at life because of teething as well. His molars are mostly all out, but now I see little canines pushing forth. He often stomps around the family room grunting "no!", his favorite word. He has been unmanageably clingy as well. The kid is about 30 pounds and hard on my back. The child is happy as long as I read stories to him all day long. He could read stories with me for a couple solid hours if I had the endurance for it. It is his most favorite thing in the world, besides me.

On Friday, I was feeling brave and bored so I loaded the kids and stroller into the car and went to Sea World for a couple hours. The kids were awesome and we all had fun together. I took them to the dolphins, and then we saw the tropical tank where the most beautiful fish are and sting rays. It was feeding time for them. We looked at the sharks, and the Clydesdale horses. I took Lily on her favorite ride, well the only ride she can ride really. She got to go twice in a row because there was no line, score! And then we went to the Shamu show where the kids sat captivated the whole time. Even Gunnar sat still. Maybe next time I can muster up the courage to take them to the water park. On the other hand, given Gunnar's abnormal fear of water, maybe I should save that until Aaron can go with me. I have to take advantage though while the weather is still nice.

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