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[No comments] Keeping busy having fun: This past week Michelle was in town visiting from College Station. I had great company having her around especially in the evenings. We played Rock Band a lot, and that girl is good! Playing the viola in HS helps. It was also her birthday and we went on a night out on the town. Lorna and I took her to the Melting Pot. I think that is my most favorite place ever. The chocolate fondue is the best, and the cheese, and the meat with gorgonzola sauce...and pretty much everything you order there.

I cannot say enough about how awesome Michelle is. She was such a huge help around the house too. She wanted to do a little shopping with me and so we went to Old Navy and Kohl's. The kids totally wore her out. She was such a trooper though and loved holding them and entertaining them even though we barely made it through two stores. i also took my mom out to lunch with Michelle for Mother's Day. We went to this new place in Helotes called Old Town Grill. It is so delicious. Afterwards, we walked down the street and walked through all their antique shops. I didn't find any diamonds in the rough, but this one place did have these old keys that were really cool except they were like 6-8 bucks a key. Forget that.

This weekend was Father-Son campout. I nudged Aaron to go on it, and he and Gunnar had a good time. He said Gunnar went down great and woke up happy. I think my little guy likes the outdoors. Lily and I had mother-daughter plans of our own. I registered her in her first race. It was a 50 yard dash, and of course I was there to run the 5k. It was called Jon's Run and it's a charity for infant and child loss. It was cool, they had balloons for people to write their babies' name on and at the end of the race, they let them all go in the sky.

The race itself was pretty miserable. I had a better mile pace time, but it was so humid I was dripping sweat just after warming up and stretching. By the end of the race I looked like I just got out of the pool. Again Michelle was selfless as ever, waking up at 6:30 with me and going downtown so that she could watch Lily while I ran. Lily's race was fun to watch. A bunch of 2,3, and 4 year olds standing around after the whistle was blown. Lily was super excited because she saw the shirt I got at my other race and when she got a shirt at this race she was very proud of herself. She also went wild with all the juice and Powerade they were giving away after the run. Cheesy Jane's was there giving away milkshakes. I passed, but Lily loved it. Every time we moved spots, she was like "I don't want to go to the car." And Michelle was an awesome photographer too. She got lots of shots of me albeit embarrassing ones.

And finally, last but not least--Mother's Day. True to form Aaron came up with the best gift yet again. When I saw on Erin's blog that they got a Nikon and I commented "our next big purchase is going to be..." little did I know Aaron had already researched and picked out that very thing. I have been wanting one forever. And now that I have it, I love it. It takes such great pics, you can't even compare them with regular digital cameras. I have been lusting after the Nikon ever since I used my brother David's when he moved here. Mother's Day was also extra special at church. After a couple years of waiting I finally got to see Lily go up on the stand and "sing" to me. She pretty much just stood there starring blankly, but it was still neat. We also went over to my mom's and had brownie sundae's/banana splits. Lots of laughs, lots of fun. Check the pic blog to see pics for this week's events.

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