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[No comments] playing catch up: So much to do, so little time. I am currently packing for our trip to Utah. (Sorry John and Susie that I haven't emailed you yet...maybe we can meet for lunch.) We are leaving tomorrow night and getting into town at midnight. I know. Don't ask me why we would do that to ourselves...because we're cheap. We are going to spend some QT with my dad and Jan for a couple days, and then head off to Eden, UT for a Smith family reunion. Wahoo! These are always so fun. I love it because Aaron's extended family is practically all girls, and awesome, fun girls at that. The whole extended family is actually all really great. I am so lucky to have married into such a sweet group.

So I have been packing, but I checked yesterday to see what to bring. I think one day the high is 60 degrees and the rest of the time the high is in the fifties. And it says it is going to be raining. This is good and bad news. The good news is we get to escape the debilitating heat this summer has already brought on. The bad news is that all the warm clothes for the kids have already been boxed up. So I went through the boxes in the closets tonight getting stuff together. Still so much to do...

Since Aaron is out of school we are playing a lot. We went swimming yesterday and today. We also went to Houston this weekend for Aaron's cousin Tyler's wedding to Andrea. It was a blast. Aaron's other cousin Kelly invited us to stay with them and it was really fun to have a mini reunion before the big one. The wedding activities were truly enjoyable and the kids were good sports. The drive up was not bad at all and the drive down was ok, but better than last time we went to Houston for Spring Break. Gunnar is slowly getting used to the idea of being in the car for a long time, and hopefully that will spill over into getting used to going swimming. So far he hates it and cries the whole's that fear of water thing. He will even pacify himself by sucking his thumb which he never does while awake, but has oddly enough started to do it during the day lately.

Anywho, I need to post pics of Houston and Aaron and Jake's surprise birthday party we threw for them. See Erin's blog. It was great fun. I love being busy...the 'fun' busy kind. The only bad thing is I am so far behind on housework and blog reading.

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