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[Comments] (6) [Trackback URL for this entry] So exciting: So today we got our little packet in the mail from the Air Force. It is the packet where you request where it is you want to be stationed. It has you list your top 11 places for General Dentistry, and if Aaron is accepted and he in turn accepts an AEGD, it has us number 1-14 the cities where an AEGD is offered. We pretty much have our list figured out...

This means we will know in a few months where we will be heading off too. It really is pretty crazy that we just got here, but we're already going to leave again. I am looking forward to the change even though I will be leaving much family. Here we are, 4th years, and it feels like just yesterday we were attending our first year students and family BBQ in the sweltering heat. I am glad we went through those years but I am really glad they are over. Last year, 3rd year, was pretty stressful. Gunnar is the same age Lily was when I got pregnant with him. I can't even imagine having another one yet...I am still recovering. Lily seemed so much older back then than Gunnar is now.

Anyways, this sappy post is even making me roll my eyes, so I will update when we get more info on the project: relocation. I'll warn you...we are going for fun and crazy!!!


Posted by Rachel at Sat Jun 14 2008 17:48

it would be great if you ended up in the UK! Is that on your list?

Posted by Joe Walch at Sat Jun 14 2008 22:16

Italy, Germany or Japan!!!

Louise would visit if you went to Okinawa.

Guam would be pretty cool too.

Posted by Kristen at Sun Jun 15 2008 10:39

Upwood/Alconberry sp? is on our list, but around 7. Aviano AFB (Italy) is on the top of our list and Okinawa is second, then South Korea, Alaska, UK, then some stateside choices. Actually Hawaii is first, but we know they won't give us that so we are not really counting it.

Posted by Julie at Mon Jun 16 2008 20:35

I want ot know all of your list 1- 17

Posted by Betina at Tue Jun 17 2008 23:26

Hey Now! I thought you were going to share your list with us! No fair :)

Congratulations on making it through school. I can't wait to see where your adventures take you.

Posted by Lyssa at Fri Jul 04 2008 14:33

Oh my gosh, I know the feeling. So weird. This whole experience went by way too fast. We are not ready!!
At least you have a small # of cities that you get to choose from. I kind of wish we had that luxury. I can't wait to see your "final" list. I know this year is going to fly by!

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