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[Comments] (3) [Trackback URL for this entry] The Happening: Last night I made a really good pasta that Aaron and I loved. I threw together for the sauce 2 mangoes, 1 avocado, handful of cilantro, 3 cloves garlic, 2 green onions, about 1/2 cup olive oil, salt and pepper, couple dashes of paprika and ground cumin, and a pound of shrimp. We tossed it with fettuccine. Very good. It was also a good night because we got to watch Last Comic Standing. Love that show.

Gunnar has been cracking us up lately. He says a lot of words now including poo poo when we are changing his diaper. The cutest would have to be when he says "vroom vroom" as he carries either a tractor or car around with him at all times. That or a ball. Then he will says "ball" or "ba ball" when he wants to throw his ball into his basketball hoop. I really don't understand why it is that boys love cars and balls. How are they born with this? I mean he will find every single ball/car in the toy area and carry them all around with him. Too funny.

Lastly, Aaron and I have finally plunged into the previous seasons of Battlestar Galactica after 2 reliable critics (Hailey and Sumana) have suggested it. We love it. We are addicted to it. You must check them out if you get the chance. It is nice to have something to watch during the summer because literally, the only thing I am watching this summer is Last Comic Standing. It frustrates me though, that there is such a good show and "Hollywood" has to go and sprinkle sex into everything. That and/or some half naked woman traipsing around every other scene. So bittersweet to live in 2008.


Posted by Hailey at Fri Jul 18 2008 15:56

Hooray for BSG! You guys should be all caught up in time for the SERIES finale next spring! I do agree with you about the annoying sexual stuff, but probably one of the best written shows ever.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Jul 19 2008 13:30

Aaron and I watched Firefly that you had mentioned, Hailey, which was ok. But compared to bsg, it was laughable. I agree, one of the best written shows ever.

Posted by Jill at Sat Jul 19 2008 19:30

Ah you got sucked into BSG too...I saw it on a date while we were waiting for another couple, and then we ended up just watching it and making food instead. it's addicting!

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