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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] sweets and treats: I spent the whole morning making three batches of freezer jam, each with a different brand. Two of the batches were just of strawberry, and the third was strawberry blueberry mixed. I am excited to see how they turn out as they are still setting. It's been years since I have made freezer jam and I was feeling particularly homemake-y.

Last night Aaron and I went on a sweet date. I love getting a babysitter. Not the actual acquiring a babysitter, but having one so we can go out. I really hate getting sitters actually because I don't want to make someone feel like they have to tend since I asked them. I don't want to be the one the YW talk about "she keeps asking me, and I hate babysitting." We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then The Dark Knight movie afterward. Incidentally, Cheesecake Factory is having a sale on their cheesecake slices on July 30th, their 30 year anniversary. They are only $1.50, the price they were when they opened. But it is for dine-in only. Who knows if we will make it down there for that. Maybe my mom and I will go to lunch or something.

The Dark Knight was very well acted, as predicted. It was very fast moving and a chaotic movie. I think I will have to watch it again to really understand it. I must be going deaf because I didn't catch many of the lines. Pretty good all and all, but I am looking forward to the next one. It seems like this is a little like the 2nd Lord of the Rings. As awesome as it was, it's a series of movies, and it leaves you wanting. That's all I'll say.


Posted by Jenni at Mon Jul 21 2008 15:47

YUM...I LOVE the Cheesecake Factory! Thanks for the heads up about the 30th..I'll have to do a lunch date with friends there! ANd I'm glad the BAtman movie was good...we want to see that! ANd check you out Betty Crocker...send me some jam...we're almost out! =)

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