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[Trackback URL for this entry] nyc day 3: Woke up got ready and walked a couple blocks for breakfast at this amazing bakery called Leavin Bakery. I got a chocolate chip banana bread slice and a chocolate chip cookie for later that must have weighed no less than a pound. It was huge, but for $3.75 it had better be. We hopped on the subway to Times Square. Good thing Julie was with me, a seasoned NY tripper who knew the subway system, or I would have been completely lost.

We took the bus tour to Greenwich Village where we got off so Julie could take pictures of the apt of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. We also stopped at this Indian (from India) boutique where Julie haggled for about a half hour with the guy and finally bought a comforter and pashmina and table cloth. She got a good price, but who really knows. I mean for all we know the things could have been made in China for dollars. We got back on the bus and went to Soho and Noho and got off the bus for the H&M store. I scored tons of jewelry for cheap. Think Forever 21 but even less. I was disappointed that that one did not have a kids section. But it was probably a good thing because I had a hard enough time stuffing everything into my luggage as it was.

We then toured the Native American Museum and took pictures of the Raging Bull (near Wall St). We got to see St Patrick's Cathedral. It was being renovated though and it had ugly scaffolding in front of some of it. Gorgeous building none-the-less. We saw the Empire State building again, walked through Times Square again. We walked around Rockefeller Center, home of the Prometheus statue, and saw the NBC corporate building address "30 Roc". We saw the studio where the Today Show tapes. We had a long leisurely dinner at this nice restaurant called Brasserie Ruhlmann where I dropped $55 for just me. Food is so expensive there, it was kinda a good thing that Aaron wasn't with me. I can't imagine spending twice the price as I did on food. It was pretty expensive because I ordered the tuna tartar for an appetizer and then "rabbit" for the entree. The tuna was very tasty but I did not like the texture, but it tasted so good I still ate it. The rabbit was good. It was game-y-er than chicken and turkey, but tender. It came with noodles that were good too. It was just nice mostly to sit and people watch and relax. We sat outside and the weather was perfect. And our view was awesome looking over Rockefeller Center.

We then made our way back to the Times Square/Broadway area and walked around before we headed to the "Wicked" theater. We were literally the LAST row. Dang scalpers...our tickets said $61 but we paid a little over $100 for them at least a month in advance. It was nice though because the theater was better built and I didn't have to crane my head like I did during "Curtains" because I couldn't see over the next person's head in front of me. The show was awesome, need I say more? While walking out of the theater, there was a crowd of people waiting at the back stage door where none other than the actors of Elphie and Galinda were exiting. Julie got their autographs on her play bill and I snapped pics of them. I felt very touristy. Oh well.

We took the subway home and fell into bed. We had walked so much in that city but I loved it. I couldn't help but notice that everyone there wears nice shoes...I mean girls mostly. They are all cute and stylish, but if everyone was walking as much as Julie and I were, their feet must have killed. I saw some wicked corns on some girls feet in places I didn't know you could get corns. We saw one girl who had stuffed toilet paper in the heels of her shoes and under the front straps because I guess she had killer blisters. I had packed some cute shoes for just in case but I didn't have the guts to wear them ever. I just wore my trusty flip flops the whole time. Now, they are not just any flip flops, they had arch support! They were so comfortable and not once, not once! did my feet hurt or were sore for any other reason than we were walking 10 miles a day. Seriously, they hardly hurt. Get it? My flip flops are awesome. Enough said.

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