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[No comments] nyc day 4: Sat was "Museum Day" for us. We first stopped at breakfast at this place called Cosi that Erin loves, so we tried it. Bagels were good and their flat bread for sandwiches was even better. They had samples. We first went into the Am Museum of Natural History, made famous among other things by Night At the Museum. It looks nothing like it did in the movie, but it was pretty amazing. I love history, Julie not so much. She was pretty miserable because she was having killer cramps and could barely walk. The thing about most museums is that they guilt you into paying "their price" for admission, which is a suggested $11-17 depending. It is really free, but they make you feel like a cheap skate if you contribute less. I did want to support them though so I paid $5.

It took about 2 hours to sprint through all 5 floors, hitting most of the popular exhibits. My favs were the geological area with all the stones, rocks, crystals, etc, and the "caveman" exhibits. It is crazy though how many animals and creatures I had never seen before. I now believe there are hundreds of species of spiders undiscovered in the rainforests because of all the bizarre "things" I saw. It made me realize I know nothing about what's out there. After the museum we made our way over to the "MET" (Metropolitan Museum of Art) which would have been so cool to see, except Julie cried Uncle and we were off to find a drug store with lots of pain killers.

We thought lunch would help too so we got this genius idea to go eat at Bobby Flay's restaurant on 5th ave. I mean we were on 5th ave, how far could it have been? A $13 cab ride later we got to Mesa Grill just minutes after they had closed for lunch, not to open again until 5. Blast! Our day was not turning out as planned. We took a cab ride back to the hotel where Julie could take a nap (another $15) and I went off exploring by myself. I didn't want to go far and I didn't want to take the subway by myself because I would for sure get lost so I walked down to the Lincoln Center again and walked around all the table displays that were there for a fair that weekend. I was gone for about an hour before Julie called, and just in time because we had dinner plans with Leonard and Sumana, my cousin and his wife. We had a little time to kill though and hadn't really eaten much so we stopped by Pink Berry!! Gotta try Pink Berry. It is the best frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. SooooOOOooo good.

We took the subway to Queens and met them at Sac's. They treated us to this wonderful Italian place where we had gourmet pizza. The biggest thing I remembered was that their bread basket had this focaccia bread with a little bit of marinara. It was like pizza without cheese. I could have stopped there, it was so good, but the pizza was even better. Good choice Leonard and Sumana! We then walked to a crepe shop and split crepes. I really enjoyed the food that day, to say the least.

After that big meal and good conversation, we said our goodbyes, and Julie and I went to go walk off our big meal at the Brooklyn Bridge. We took the subway back to the station right before and took the 20 minute walk to the middle of the bridge and "look out" station where we took pics. The view was so unique to NY and the whole city experience. Very fun. We ran into some British ladies vacationing there. Most people it seemed were not from there, or even the US really. Most people had accents. For the most part though, the people we talked to were very friendly. We didn't really encounter the "new yorker" snobbery you hear about. It was crazy how many non-US citizens were vacationing there though since the dollar is so weak and it's cheap to come here. I was a little disappointed to not hear so much of the ny accent. That would have been fun.

Our last night here, we packed some and got ready to leave the next day.

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