Sunny 9 for 2008 July 22 (entry 2)

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[Trackback URL for this entry] nyc, last day: We got up and packed all our stuff. We had one last hurrah for brunch at a close by place near our hotel called Alice's Tea Cup. That just goes to show how awesome our hotel location was that all these places we went to were only a couple blocks away. Anytime you have brunch somewhere, you know it is going to be a treat, and this place was no exception. It was very quaint and unique. Their motif was Alice In Wonderland, of course. Everything was Alice. It was so cute, but not in a kid sort of way. It was just neat to see all the collectibles they had displayed. Our table itself housed a small display of things. We ordered one of each on the menu, haha. Not really but we did try a couple sweet scones, one pumpkin, and one chocolate strawberry. For the main meal we had eggs and hollandaise sauce atop their ham and cheese savory scones served with a side of hash browns that was cubed potatoes with chicken bits. It sounds weird but it was really good. It was all so good and we just sort of lost track of time in that little wonderland because by the time we rolled ourselves out of there we were running a little late. We hurried back to the hotel and got our stuff and Julie ran up the street to hail our taxi since it was a dead end and no cars really went down to where we were staying. We loaded up and our cab driver hauled buns to the airport. We got there just fine, and would you believe it, that my checked bag was exactly 50 lbs. Now can I pack, or can I pack?

Our flights were leaving about 30 minutes apart, so Julie and I said our goodbyes and I boarded. I immediately missed nyc already. It was my first time there, but not my last. I heart NY.

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