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[Comments] (1) Treat: A couple days ago my mom's friend came in town. My friend Janine, is the daughter-in-law of my mom's friend and they decided to treat the "daughters" to lunch. So my mom, Cheryl, Janine, and I went to Paesanos for a leisurely lunch and fun girl talk and then Sam's Club to check out the kids clothes. Mom bought Lily a cute little summer dress. They even found and paid for a babysitter. What a treat it was!

Paesanos is a really nice Italian restaurant in town. My mom and I split a specialty salad and pasta entree. I've never met a salad I didn't like, but I would have to say that this one's dressing was too mayo-y for me. But the rest of it was good. The pasta was AMAZING. It was the special for the day. Basically, it was a southwestern pesto. It has spiral pasta with a creamy jalapeƱo pesto sauce with beef tenderloin chunks that were so tender, and black beans, corn, and tomatoes. It may sound weird but it really was one of the most amazing pasta dishes I have ever had.

And to top off our fabulous day, it rained when we got home. I love rain, and we needed it so bad. Thank you mom! I had a blast and we should do it again. HA! :)

Murphey's Universal Law: If Kristen washes her car, then the next day it will rain. What is strange about this is not how rarely it rains here this summer, or how rarely I wash my car. It is that I rarely wash my car and it always happens to be the day before it rarely rains.

[Comments] (1) Reflection: Last night Aaron and I stayed up to watch Shawn Johnson and Nastia Lukin win gold and silver in the balance beam. Watching the summer Olympics reminds me so much of when Lily was born. We watched the Olympics on TV while I was in labor. They were even on after Lily was born. Somehow in the hospital, an Olympic basketball game ended up on TV, against my wishes, causing me to want to throw out the TV and everyone in the room. Who wants to watch basketball period, let alone when they have a fresh new life in their arms to look at? Not me. I didn't even want the tv on at home for fear that the world would spoil the ears of my pure newborn.

I like watching the gymnastics, swimming, and running. I like watching the gymnastics but the fact that it is judged bothers me because it seems like there are some crooked judges. It's not fair that everything is decided based on people's opinions whereas running and swimming, you have a finish line and a time. I don't like it being on so late with the time change and all, so I haven't watched them a lot because nights are my catch up time. It is usually background noise for whatever else I am doing.

So my little Lily is turning four, and every Aug every four years we will get to watch the Summer Olympics and remember her sweet long awaited birth. My life changed that day in so many ways recognized and yet to be realized. I feel very lucky to be Lily's mom. I don't know why Heavenly Father thought me to be worthy of such a smart genuine girl. In fact, I can't believe the hospital staff let us walk out with such a precious treasure. I just kept thinking, "they're just going to let us take her? Like that? They are not going to stop us and check up on us to make sure we are doing everything right?" There is nothing like your first experience becoming a parent.

So tomorrow I will be going to Lily's teacher meet and greet, and on Monday she will have her first day of Pre-K through the school district, including bus rides, cafeteria lunches and all. She's so ready, and so am I. I am sad that she will never be the same again. She will be even more grown up to me, which is another reason why I baby Gunnar so much. I don't want my baby to get big. To think that Lily was in a regular bed a couple months older than what Gunnar already is. That blows my mind.

A funny thing that happened yesterday- My friend from the gym came over for a play date with her girls. She had on a tank top that showed cleavage and Lily was all, "what's that hole?" We weren't sure what she was talking about so she came closer to Lily so she could point to what she was referring to. She points right into the crack of her cleavage. Nice...we all had a laugh. At least she didn't say "why is she not modest?" like she does in public places. That would be hard to explain to my friend.

I love you Lily billy.

[Comments] (1) The facts:

Harrowing facts and links to stats. Knowledge is power.

9 out of 10 children aged between the ages of 8 and 16 have viewed pornography on the Internet, in most cases unintentionally

Average age of first Internet exposure to pornography: 11 years old

Approximately 20% of all Internet pornography involves children

51% of pastors say cyber-porn is a possible temptation. 37% say it is a current struggle

Ninety percent of children between the ages of 8 and 16 have viewed pornography online, said Knutson, a computer science professor at Brigham Young University. Most of these stumbled upon pornography while doing homework.

The Lighted Candle

Lucky: It's school time again, and you know what that means? School clothes shopping. Well, not so much me anymore, but my sister Lorna wanted to make a trip to the outlet mall. I was all about that, and my mom so kindly offered to watch the kids for me so I could do it. She said "what is the point of my daughter living in the same town as me and my other daughter wanting her to go with her to the outlet mall, and she not being able to because of no one being able to watch her kids. She might as well live in Chicago.' So she so sweetly took my kids for me until Aaron got home from school so Lorna and I could shop till we dropped. They closed and had to kick us out at 9. We didn't get there until 4 though, so we aren't as lame as you think.

It was tons of fun getting to hang out with my sis though. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. I am a very fast shopper, I'm in and outta there in no time, and she was a good partner because she didn't hold me back too long. haha I'm kidding mostly because I was just along for the ride. It was her school clothes shopping and I just picked up a few things that were too cheap to pass up. ($5.99 shorts for me and such...I bragged about my abilities on my other blog.)

I discovered a new fav too. I don't know about non-outlet stores but A'Gaci is sa-weeet. I describe it as an organized Forever 21. I like that place but I get so stressed out and overwhelmed going in there. A'Gaci has the cute trendy clothes and low prices but it is on the racks with others just like it in more than one size.

A big thanks to my mom for tending the chid's and thank you to my sweet husband (or should I thank Warcraft?) for letting me go. I am sooo lucky to live here by family, and I am definitely going to miss them when we have to move. I've been spoiled.

News: It's official. I'm now in nursery, with Gunnar. I was a little surprised because I had two callings already (Activities Committee and Cub Scouts asst Den leader) but they released me from A.C. It's all good, I really don't mind. I like the age group of nursery kids and I'm actually kinda excited. I'll miss RS though.

In other news, I ran a 10k race yesterday. I improved upon my time from my last 10k (and 5k according to my stopwatch) so no complaints here. I guess it would be too selfish of me to pout about getting fourth place in my age group instead of 3rd so I could have won a medal. I missed it by 16 seconds, but that's nothing to complain about since people in the Olympics won and lost gold medals by the difference of .01 seconds. Crazy! Oh well. I'm just happy I did it.

On Thurs we went to Lily's teacher meet and greet. She is attending Scarborough Elementary that is just a few minutes from my house. It is brand new and super nice. I am so excited for Lily and I like her teacher from what I saw of her. Mrs. Meyers. Lily was a little apprehensive at first but then when she saw Gunnar running straight for the toys and books she got over it. Luckily, she got the afternoon class so I don't have to wake up at 6AM this year, I really dodged a bullet there. Not looking forward to it next time around.

This evening Aaron gave Lily her first father's blessing before school starts. It was very special and she sat still and kept her eyes closed the whole time. I guess I didn't but I couldn't help but peek at her and wonder how I got so lucky. Aaron giving her a blessing and having a cute daughter to receive it. It was very special and I think Lily could sense that. Except she kept asking me to put my hands on her head too, and offering my turn when Aaron was done. It's awesome that she is at the age where she can "get" stuff now. Just this passed couple months she sits still long enough for me to explain things during sacrament meeting and stuff. I'm blessed tp be able to teach my daughter the gospel, and I am grateful to my parents for having taught me and being born into a family that has the church.

What a positive weekend. I feel so blessed.

[Comments] (1) Intresting: My brother called my attention to this article put forth by the church recently and I thought I would link it too.

Old Fart: I'm now 27 as of yesterday. And Lily's 4th birthday was on Wed. Happy Birthday to my sweet pea. More later.


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