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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] Stark reality: Amazingly enough, Aaron has decided to join the gym. Wahoo! I have been dying to share this past time with him, and with the looming Commissioned Officer Training "COT" approaching in July, I think he realized he better start working up to the requirements that the Air Force has set forth on the personal fitness test. From my understanding, which is loose at best, is that Aaron has to get a 75% out of 100 in order to pass his fitness req's. He has to run 1.5 miles in under 9:36 minutes. Anything less than a 6 1/2 minute mile pace, and he starts losing points for every tens of seconds. He needs to do 53 crunches in one minute and loses pts after that. He is also required to do 57 push ups in one minute and any less than lose points. His waist circum also needs to be 32 inches and anything more, he gets points taken off. So "COT" is no laughing matter and I think Aaron has realized this.

So last week was his first week hitting the gym. He signed up through the school which was AWESOME because we not only got him on at the Prue location, but our whole family price has dropped from $101 a month to only $71. Considering that the kids alone are $50 (for the excellent day care), this is awesome. So he went twice. Once with Mark from school and once with me. It was his suggestion to go to the gym after dinner, and I jumped on that. I suggested that we do arms together, and I showed him how to lift certain arm exercises. He stopped me early and said he could not go on any longer and that his arms were going to be way too sore as it was. He did decide to run a mile to get some cardio in though before we left. Not good...I don't think he felt himself since then. His stomach is queasy and stuff going on with the other end too, and just a general lack of energy this whole weekend. And not being able to unbend his arms didn't help. He walked around protecting and cradling his arms like they were burned. It was kinda funny to watch. We both kinda think the workout session with me on Thurs night was the culprit because he went on Wed and ran 2 miles ok. I just kicked his butt too hard I guess. I find it hilarious though, how muscular and defined his arms are and he could only curl 10 pounds on each side more than me. (It's ok Aaron I'll get you into shape.) Except that Aaron has already sworn off my "kind of working out". I think another reason Aaron got so sick is also because he hasn't worked out really, besides church ball and intramural sports, since before his mission.

I told Aaron this though, at least he is doing this now and not at COT. I mean if he were this sick at COT, he would fail everything for sure. Who knows what they would do. I know they would have him in special Sat fitness classes for sure. Maybe even make him go through COT again? I don't think I could handle him being gone 2 full months instead of one. So at least getting sick is getting out of his system as his body gets stronger and more fit. And no, Aaron, I don't want you looking like those Olympic swimmers and gymnasts that I was ooogling at a little bit. It's just interesting to look at, not anything I really view as sexy. Just don't lose those arms. Here's to health.


Posted by Joe Walch at Tue Sep 09 2008 14:36

I know very few people who can actually do 57 pushups in a row (at least the way that I do them--where you go down and touch your nose to the ground keeping your back straight). Most people stick their butt up in the air and hardly bend their arms.

Perhaps I'll go work-out with Aaron and/or Dave. In Missouri I was bench pressing 135 lbs x 2 sets of 10 and then going down from there.

Also, Louise has said that she is really interested in joining and working out with you, but she doesn't want to be a bother, but I always like having a spotter so that I can push myself and not look like an idiot because I get stuck with the bar on my chest; perhaps you do to.

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