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[Comments] (5) [Trackback URL for this entry] "It's worth the trip!": Says the slogan at the Commissary. That's right, I am officially a card carrying military dependent as I have gotten my ID card on base just yesterday. Did someone say discounts? That's my favorite word! Discounts including, but not limited to movie tickets, cruise tickets, meal deals...and the oh SO wonderful commissary-my new best friend.

It was love at first sight. I dropped Aaron and the kids off at the "Lion playground" so I could shop in peace. I had tagged along with Sherry at the commissary in Alaska a few times to sorta know my way around and how it works. I started with the produce. "Food, glorious, food!" I love buying all sorts of different produce and trying them at home. One of my favorite games to play with myself is how I can incorporate as many fruits and veggies into dinner dishes. (Today I scored 7.)

The commissary has it all, and for cheap. For example, they sell red, orange, and yellow peppers for $2.29 a pound. I got one of each and it was $2.68. At Walmart, if you buy a bag of assorted peppers (one being boring green) it costs you about $3.99, same at HEB. Oh, and did I mention how I have various food prices memorized at HEB? I know about how much everything costs that I buy regularly. I even notice when the Dryers Slow Churned ice cream goes from $3.69 to $4.29 for no apparent reason and a couple weeks later goes back to $3.69. At the commissary it is $2.99, btw. Chicken breasts on sale at HEB are $1.99/pound. At the commissary I got them for $1.75/pound- not on sale. 93% lean beef close to $4.00/pound at HEB compared to $1.99/lb at the C. I paid $90 and change total for that trip stocking up when I usually pay $120-$130 for the bulk shopping for the month. I LOvE it!

It's interesting that I am 'cheap' because I don't really consider myself 'cheap' or even frugal. I just love getting a good deal. I also hate paying more than what I think something is worth. I feel ripped off and like I didn't win or outsmart the system. Anyway, I just wanted to share my 'win'. This sort of thing makes me happy.


Posted by susie at Tue Sep 16 2008 22:26

oooh, I'm jealous!

Posted by Jenni at Tue Sep 16 2008 23:53

Welcome to the world of military discounts! I always ask when I'm out if people give discounts...FYI--the Buckle and New York and CO. both give 15% off for military ID' it!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Sep 17 2008 16:43

ahh the commissary, my uk source for cheetos. <3

Posted by Julie at Thu Sep 18 2008 20:40

You are funny. I wish I cared more about shopping around. I always want to just get it over with. Spending money on food is depressing in general.

Posted by rachel at Fri Sep 19 2008 13:57

ahh the commissary. my uk source for cheetos!!

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