Sunny 9 for 2008 September 18 (entry 0)

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[No comments] [Trackback URL for this entry] Things I find amusing: When Gunnar gets really sad he will cry with his hand over his mouth. As if he is gasping in horror, which I guess is just what he might be doing. He also says 'mommydaddy' all in one word when he is really upset. It is very endearing. Also, at the gym they always have balloons on the table right outside the kids club. Every time we walk by he exclaims "moons, moons!" and heaves his body for them. (Maybe that's why my back muscle spasmed the other day.) For pete's sake, stop displaying balloons outside a children's area. The children may just want to play with them.

I was reading Richard Scarry's Opposites book to Lily the other day. Obviously, it has opposites. "Up, down, in front, behind..." sort of thing. Wait, first let me tell the story about in church when a man stood up to give his testimony and Lily matter-of-factly stated "He's Fat!" so loud and Aaron and I were so mortified that we immediately reproached Lily and told her we never call people fat, it hurts their feelings. I could tell she was really embarrassed herself for making that fau pas by her expression. I felt bad that we shamed her that much. We didn't mean to except it was sudden and we reacted.

Anywho, this book of course says "thin, fat" showing this pig and a snake. Lily quickly reminded me that "we don't say fat, it is a bad word". Where do you go with that? I then told her that we can say fat but that we shouldn't call people fat. Lily then deduced that "we can call animals fat though, because they don't have any feelings". ba-dah-tis

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