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[Comments] (4) work, work, work: Today Aaron got home from school early. Mondays are his half days, with patients in the morning, and afternoons set aside for lab work. About every other Monday he stays for lab work, but on the other Mondays he comes home. I love this. It is so nice to have his help during the day. Today I went to the grocery store by myself. I was able to actually use the coupons I had clipped because I had to time look through them all and take mental note to get those things. With Gunnar and/or Lily I have to sprint from the produce side to the dairy side up through the aisles without stopping. I just grab stuff off the shelves as I roll by.

Maybe it is just me, but my kids are terrible out in public. I mean anywhere, the library, store, even the gym parking lot is a huge ordeal to get from the car to the kids club where I drop them off. Gunnar insists on getting down but refuses to hold my hand. Lily is usually whining about something I made her wear in her hair or that I even brushed it, or not getting to take a doll into the gym. I need help!

I was talking to my mom about this while we went to Cold Stone after RS Conf on Sat and she said it wasn't me and that Lily is so independent. She also got a taste of Gunnar by himself last week while I took Lily to our WIC appt. He did the same thing to her that he does to me while I try to make dinner. He gets in between your legs and the counter and he pushes on your legs and tries to push you away from what you are doing, then he reaches up for me to pick him up. Nonstop. And Aaron wonders why I am so unraveled when he gets home from school late. I can handle all day but from 4:30-6:00 when my blood sugar level is low and my kids won't let me fix dinner, I get pretty scary.

TV works for Lily, but Gunnar not so much. It's sad really that Lily's first words when she gets home from school or wakes up is can I watch a show? And when I get in the house after going somewhere Gunnar's first word is "show, show?" I hate when they watch TV and I hate the guilt when I give in.

I don't know, all I can say is motherhood is hard and whoever thinks it's easy, can I send my kids to you for a little bit? Maybe you can train them for me. Like an pet obedient school but for children. Any takers?


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