Sunny 9 for 2008 September 30 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (7) [Trackback URL for this entry] This just in...: We are going to Andrews AFB in Maryland (DC) for Aaron's AEGD next Summer. It will be for a year and we are so sTokEd. *jumping up and down*


Posted by Hailey at Wed Oct 01 2008 10:16

We'll be moving to the east coast in August 2010--will you be gone by then? Waaah! I hope not!

Posted by Sumana at Wed Oct 01 2008 17:30

Hey, wow, cool! Will you return to San Antonio after?

Posted by Susie at Wed Oct 01 2008 18:48

sounds like good news!

Posted by Kristen at Wed Oct 01 2008 22:05

We will be in DC area for a year and then Aaron will be stationed for 4 yrs somewhere for payback. We shall see where that will be when the time comes. As for San Antonio, I will always have roots here, so it is a big possibility but there is always a chance for somewhere else. Who knows! It's crazy trying to decide to live for the rest of a career life.

Posted by John at Thu Oct 02 2008 08:47

I love DC. It's so great to see everyone out recreating on the mall instead of in a gym. Have fun!

Posted by Courtney at Thu Oct 02 2008 20:02

Congratulaions! That will be so fun to experience something new and different. It must be nice knowing where you will be so you can make some plans!

Posted by Julie at Fri Oct 03 2008 16:18

I am coming to visit you!! Why don't I come during the week aaron is at training camp???

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